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800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow
  • 800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow
800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow



800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow

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  • 800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow
800 ml L Cycling Water Bottle FastFlow
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Our team of cycling fans has developed this bottle for demanding cyclists who want a bottle that keeps them hydrated as they ride.

The SureSnap® valve controls the water flow and the bottle does not leak, even with the mouthpiece open. No more drips on the bike frame.



800 ml


100% waterproof with the mouthpiece closed, non-drip with mouthpiece open.

Taste and odor limitation

Odour- and taste-free plastic.

Mouth comfort

Mouthpiece made of soft elastomer for comfortable drinking.


Clear body with graduated scale for easier dosing.


The elastomer cap doesn't slip off and makes it easy to close the bottle.

Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic shape and soft material to easily drink as you ride.


Compatible with all bottle cages on the market.


SureSnap® valve

All of our "FastFlow" bottles use the SureSnap® valve, which is the best on the market. This valve controls the flow of water effectively and precisely. When you press down, water squirts out of the mouthpiece.
What's more, the valve is anti-leak so you can leave the mouthpiece open during your ride without water dripping onto your bike's frame.

How to use the FastFlow valve

The mouthpiece is 100% watertight in closed position. Use this position for mixing the isotonic drink in the bottle or for carrying it in a bag.
Once on your bike, you can leave it in open position. The SureSnap® valve will stop it leaking. You can then drink quickly and safely!

No more plasticky smell or taste

There's nothing worse than a plasticky taste and/or smell when you drink from your water bottle. But this is the case for most cycling water bottles.
Our designers tested numerous plastics before they found just the right one, which is supple and has a neutral taste and smell. An independent panel of testers then blind tested our bottle and bottles from other leading brands, and chose ours as the most neutral.

How to care for your water bottle

Clean the water bottle thoroughly after each use. If you use isotonic drinks, rinse all parts of the bottle, cap and mouthpiece to make sure there is no liquid remaining inside. Use washing-up liquid and a long brush to clean the bottom of the bottle.
Dry it fully and store it without the cap on so that it is ventilated. If you do not do this, mould could grow in the bottle.
Do not put in the dishwasher (particularly above 70°C).