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  1. IDR 220,000
    Price IDR 59,000


  2. IDR 199,000
    Price IDR 179,000

    Swimming trunks sky blue navy blue

  3. Price IDR 199,000

    Swimming Trunks blue yellow

  4. Price IDR 149,000

    swimming shorts 100 - red

  5. Price IDR 349,000

    swim shorts 550 - blue

  6. Price IDR 79,000

    Swim Shorts - Turquoise blue

  7. IDR 85,000
    Price IDR 79,000

    Swim Shorts - navy blue

  8. Price IDR 120,000



Boardshorts Boys: Surf's Up with Style and Durability

Welcome to Decathlon Indonesia's Boardshorts Boys category, where we offer a collection of boys' boardshorts that combine style and durability for their water adventures.

  1. Surf in Style

    Whether your boys are hitting the waves or just having fun by the beach, our boardshorts are designed to make a statement. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that match their personality and style.

  2. Built to Last

    We understand that active boys need clothing that can keep up with their adventures. Our boardshorts are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and quick-drying, ensuring they stand the test of time and endless water fun.

  3. Comfort First

    Comfort is essential for kids' water activities. Our boardshorts are designed with a comfortable fit and features like drawstrings and stretchy fabrics to keep your boys comfortable and ready for action.

  4. Versatile Design

    Our boardshorts are not just for surfing. They are versatile for all water-related activities, from beach games to pool time. Your boys can stay stylish and comfortable in any water setting.

At Decathlon Indonesia, we believe that water adventures should be both fun and fashionable. Explore our Boardshorts Boys category to find the perfect boardshorts that will make your boys look great and feel comfortable as they ride the waves or play by the shore.