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In hiking & trekking activities, quality equipment is crucial to ensure your comfort and safety during the journey. Decathlon Indonesia offers a wide range of the most complete hiking & trekking equipment with the best quality, including: Hiking & Trekking Footwear, Hiking & Trekking Apparel, and various other Hiking & Trekking Gear.

We provide various hiking & trekking gear, from comfortable and safe hiking shoes, durable and sturdy backpacks, to supporting equipment such as clothing and hats for hiking & trekking to make your journey even more comfortable. All the products we sell are of high quality from well-known and trusted brands. We also prioritize customer satisfaction by providing the best service, from product consultation to post-purchase warranties.

Do not hesitate to choose Decathlon Indonesia as the most reliable and complete store for hiking & trekking equipment in Indonesia.

Tips to Maximize Hiking & Trekking Activities

Hiking and trekking are popular outdoor sports activities that attract adventure seekers. These activities provide opportunities to explore nature, exercise, and enjoy fresh air. However, to experience an enjoyable hiking & trekking experience, you need to consider the following tips:

  1. Researching the Location: Before engaging in hiking & trekking activities, it is essential to know the trail you will take. You need to be aware of weather conditions, distance, and terrain of the trail. You can find some of this information from websites that contain online reviews of the route.
  1. Training Before Hiking: Hiking & trekking are physical activities that require a fit body and good physical condition. Therefore, it is essential for you to be in good physical condition before embarking on the climb. You can train your body by doing some cardiovascular exercises such as running or cycling, as well as strength exercises like squats or lunges.
  1. Choosing the Right Clothing: It is important to pay attention to the clothing and equipment you wear during hiking & trekking activities. Use clothing that quickly absorbs sweat and comfortable shoes. You can also use a hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun.
  1. Bringing the Right Gear: Bringing the right gear can help and facilitate you during the hiking & trekking journey. Some gear you can bring includes a Map, Compass, Headlamp, Hiking Pole, mosquito repellent, water supply, and some snacks. Decathlon sells various hiking & trekking equipment according to your travel needs. Get hiking & trekking products at your nearest Decathlon Store.
  1. Dispose of Trash Properly: When traveling in nature, it is important to respect the environment by not littering. Keep your trash during the journey and dispose of it at the climbing post.