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Golf is a sport played using clubs and small balls that must be put into holes on a field with minimal strokes. Typically, a golf course has 18 holes, and players must go through all these holes in a specific order. The main objective in golf is to hit the ball with as few strokes or shots as possible and place it into the hole with minimal strokes.

Golf requires good technical skills, as well as strong concentration and mental resilience. There are various types of clubs used in golf, each with different purposes and uses. Players must select the right club for the situation, considering factors like distance and weather conditions.

Golf is a sport usually played in serene and beautiful settings, such as well-designed golf courses. Moreover, golf is often seen as a sport with high social value, as it's frequently played by individuals looking to expand their social networks or engage in business relationships.


Here are some recommended golf equipment for beginners:

  1. Golf club set: You can purchase a complete golf club set for beginners, including a driver, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. Opt for an affordable yet quality golf club set, such as Wilson or Callaway Strata sets.
  1. Golf bag: A golf bag is necessary to carry all your golf clubs. Choose a golf bag that is comfortable and has plenty of pockets to store accessories and other golf equipment.
  1. Golf shoes: Golf shoes help you feel comfortable and stable while playing golf. Make sure to select golf shoes that are comfortable and have non-slip soles.
  1. Golf glove: A golf glove helps you grip the golf club better and prevents friction on the skin. Choose a golf glove with comfortable material and the right size.
  1. Golf ball: Golf balls are crucial in the game of golf. For beginners, choose golf balls with clear distance markings on the label and are affordable.
  1. Tee: A tee is used to place the golf ball on the tee surface. The right tee helps beginners achieve the appropriate height for the golf club being used.

Make sure to purchase golf equipment that suits your size and playing style. It's advisable to start with more affordable golf equipment and upgrade to higher levels as your skills and interest improve.

Tips for Choosing Golf Equipment at Decathlon

Golf is a sport that demands specific skills and requires appropriate equipment. At Decathlon, you can find golf equipment with a variety of options and competitive prices. However, choosing the right golf equipment can be a challenge on its own. Here are some tips to help you choose the right golf equipment at Decathlon.

  1. Consider your skill level: Before selecting golf equipment, consider your skill level in playing golf. If you're a beginner, choose equipment suitable for your skill level. Decathlon offers equipment for beginners to professionals. Select equipment that matches your skill level to help develop your golf-playing technique.
  1. Familiarize yourself with types of golf clubs: Golf clubs are essential equipment in playing golf. At Decathlon, you can find various types of golf clubs such as drivers, fairway woods, irons, and putters. Get to know these types of golf clubs and choose the ones that suit your needs in playing golf.
  1. Pay attention to the material and size of golf clubs: In addition to their type, also pay attention to the material and size of golf clubs. Commonly used materials include iron, steel, or graphite. The size of golf clubs is important to consider as it affects comfort and gameplay quality. Choose a size that matches your height to maximize performance when playing golf.
  1. Choose the right golf ball: Apart from golf clubs, golf balls are also crucial to consider. Choose golf balls suitable for your skill level and weather conditions while playing golf. More expensive golf balls generally have better quality, but if you're a beginner, choose affordable golf balls that still offer good quality.
  1. Pay attention to other golf accessories: Besides main equipment like golf clubs and golf balls, there are several other golf accessories that are important to consider, such as a golf bag, glove, and golf shoes. Choose golf accessories that are comfortable and suit your needs.

These are some tips for choosing golf equipment at Decathlon. By selecting the right golf equipment, you'll be able to maximize your potential in playing golf and improve the quality of your game!