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Terms and Conditions














    • 1.1. PT Decathlon Sports Indonesia ("Decathlon") is a company established under the law of Republic of Indonesia which is an affiliation of Decathlon SE ("Decathlon SE") (directly or indirectly, owns at least 10% of share equity and voting right), a company established under the law of France (Decathlon & Decathlon SE collectively referred to as "Decathlon Group"). In this matter Decathlon act as the owner of every product of Decathlon that is marketed through Decathlon Site and mobile application that is developed by Decathlon Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "Decathlon Application")..
    • 1.2. Decathlon Site is online site https://www.decathlon.co.id and cellphone application and other application of Decathlon.
    • 1.3. Terms and Condition is all rules and provisions agreed between User and Decathlon that regulate rights, obligations, responsibilities and guidelines of service usage in Decathlon Site including Privacy Policy that can be accessed through https://www.decathlon.co.id/en/content/13-privacy-policy
    • 1.4. User is party who use Decathlon Site’s service, including but not limited to Buyer or other parties that visit Decathlon Site.
    • 1.5. Buyer is registered User that visit and request for Products that are sold in Decathlon Site.
    • 1.6. Products are all tangible objects of Decathlon that can be ordered by Buyer and fulfil the delivery requirements of delivery service company of the Products.
    • 1.7. Live Chat and Contact Us are services provided by Decathlon for Buyer including but not limited to submitting or obtaining detailed information regarding types and specification of Products, stock availability and other information related to the use of Decathlon Site.
    • 1.8. Review is text and/or commentary that is uploaded by User and/or Buyer in Review page of Decathlon Site and through Decathlon Application.
    • 1.9. Content is all text, pictures, Products names, slogans, logos, trademarks, animations, videos, songs, music and/or picto that are uploaded through Decathlon Site and can be accessed by User and/or Buyer.

    • 2.1. User hereby stated that User is a competent and capable person to subject to provisions stipulated in Terms and Conditions. User also understands that Terms and Conditions may be changed on occasion and Terms and Conditions that is valid is as set forth in Decathlon Site. By using Decathlon Site, User agrees that User has read and understood the Terms and Conditions mentioned and updated. Decathlon may conduct changes of Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice to User.
    • 2.2. All regulations and provisions stipulated in this Terms and Conditions are subject to Laws and Regulations of Republic of Indonesia.
    • 2.3. Decathlon Site is online based service that is used for the purpose of online products selling (e-commerce) and is fully operated by Decathlon and/or Decathlon Site. All activities conducted in this site are subject to prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.
    • 2.4. All transactions that are conducted through Decathlon Site are the type of transactions between company and end consumer and are not intended by any way and form for the purpose of inter-companies transactions.

    • 3.1. Decathlon Site does not collect fees for download and/or any registration fee to User and Buyer.
    • 3.2. User and Buyer in Decathlon Site have rights to:
      • 3.2.1. find and learn about Products that are offered;
      • 3.2.2. make requests of Products;
      • 3.2.3. conduct online purchase and payment transactions;
      • 3.2.4. publish consumers review regarding Products sold;
    • 3.3. User that will register Account must provide complete, accurate and updated information of him/herself and guarantee the validity of all information given. Information given in registration including but not limited to:
      • 3.3.1. Name and family name;
      • 3.3.2. E-mail address;
      • 3.3.3. Physical address;
      • 3.3.4. Bank Account information;
      • 3.3.5. Gender;
      • 3.3.6. Phone number; and
      • 3.3.7. Date of Birth.
    • 3.4. User agrees that Decathlon without prior notice to User, has authority to conduct measures that considerably needed and/or close User Account for temporary or permanent if there is any fraud in transacting, falsification of personal information and/or violation of Terms and Conditions.
    • 3.5. User is personally responsible to keep confidential his/her Account and password for every activity that occurs in User’s account.
    • 3.6. Decathlon will not ask username, password nor SMS verification code or OTP (One Time Password) code of User for any reason, therefore Decathlon urges User to not give those data or any other important data to parties on behalf of Decathlon Group or other parties that cannot be guaranteed for safety.
    • 3.7. User hereby agreed that Decathlon is not responsible for material nor immaterial loss or constraint that occurs from the misuse of User’s accounts caused by User’s negligence, including but not limited to lending or providing access of Account to other parties, accessing link given by other parties, giving or showing password or email to other parties, or other negligence that caused loss or constraint to User’s account.
    • 3.8. Decathlon, in Decathlon Site, is entitled to add or erase features offered by Website, whether temporary or permanent, without consent from User.
    • 3.9. Decathlon will manage and protect every information and personal data that is uploaded in Decathlon Site. Please look at our Privacy Policy for information regarding your personal information as stipulated in prevailing laws and regulations.

    • Every User that has Account on Decathlon Site will receive benefits that may be used in purchasing Decathlon’s Products. These benefits are set forth in Loyalty Membership Policy with provisions as mentioned in this link: https://www.decathlon.co.id/en/content/6-membership .

    • 5.1. Purchase Transaction is every transaction conducted by User in Decathlon Site in accordance with purchasing procedure, without paying attention to device, type, and connection that is used by Buyer.
    • 5.2. Legally underage Buyer (under 18 years old) may register for accounts and conduct purchasing transaction through his/her parents or guardian parents that meet provisions on point 3. Decathlon is not responsible for every claim submitted for violation of the use of Decathlon Site by underage children.
    • 5.3. Purchasing or order placing procedure in Decathlon Site is with the followings steps:
      • 5.3.1. Please browse Decathlon Site to find products to be bought;
      • 5.3.2. Add your chosen Products to your basket along with the amount you want;
      • 5.3.3. Choose delivery option;
      • 5.3.4. Choose payment option;
      • 5.3.5. Make your payment in 12 hours;
      • 5.3.6. You will receive email to confirm your order and inform that your order has been recorded;
      • 5.3.7. You will receive email to confirm that your order will be sent.
    • 5.4. When in purchase transaction, Buyer understands and agrees that:
      • - Decathlon will only process Products Order by Buyer for delivery inside Republic of Indonesia. Order that is conducted by Buyer outside the Republic of Indonesia will be automatically cancelled by system;
      • - Buyer is responsible to read, understand, and approve the whole information/description of Products (including but not limited to colour, size, function, and others) before conducting purchase transaction;
      • - Buyer acknowledges that the actual colours of products as what are seen in Decathlon Site depend on Buyer’s computer monitor/tablet. Decathlon has made its best effort to ensure the colour shown in the photos are as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee that the colour shown will be as accurate as the original Products;
      • - Payment by Buyer for total nominal written in payment page must be done at the latest 12 hours after Buyer check out. If in the time limit of payment or payment confirmation Buyer have not done the payment, Decathlon has authority to revoke the transaction and for the same request Buyer has to re-order from the start. Buyer is not entitled to submit claim for the cancelation of the transaction;
      • - Decathlon use virtual account to accept payment done by Buyer whether made through bank transfer or bank debit or credit card. All transaction done by Buyer other that through virtual account of Decathlon is the personal responsibility of Buyer.
    • 5.5. In Purchase transaction, Decathlon has the duty to:
      • - provide photos and information of products completely and clearly in accordance with conditions and qualities of the Products sold. If there is any irrelevance between photos and information of the Products that are sold by Decathlon with the Products received by Buyer, Buyer is entitled to conduct product or money exchange along with complete and clear evidences (payment slip, invoice, conditions of the Products). Type of Products that can be exchanged can be seen more completely in Products description;
      • - Send replies to accept or reject part or all of the Products order or Buyer within the period of 2 days from the notification of Products orders from Decathlon;
      • - Input the Products delivery receipt number within the period of 1x24 hour from the notification of Product orders from Decathlon;
      • - Refund of the price of Product (excluding transfer/ administration and delivery fee) will be returned fully to Buyer if transaction is cancelled and/or unsuccessful through bank transfer to Buyer’s registered bank account;
      • - Decathlon’s income tax is the responsibility of Decathlon in accordance with the tax provisions and regulations in Indonesia;
      • - Decathlon will not transfer its intellectual property right legally of Decathlon’s Products to Buyer;
      • - Risk of purchased Products will become Buyer’s fully responsibility when Products are received by Decathlon as long as there is no damage or disablement caused by Decathlon.
    • 5.6. Buyer understands and agrees that every issue on delivery of Products caused by lateness payment is the responsibility of Buyer.
    • 5.7. Buyer understand and agrees that issue on lateness payment process and additional fees caused by differentiation of bank that Buyer use and bank that our Official Account use is under the personal responsibility of the Buyer
    • 5.8. Refund of money or exchange of Products from Decathlon to Buyer can only be done in these following conditions:
      • - Excess of payment from Buyer of the price of the Product
      • - Issue of Products delivery has been identified clearly from Decathlon that caused the Products do not arrived;
      • - Decathlon cannot take order because it is out of stocks, change of delivery fees, or any other cause where payment of the Product has been made by Buyer;
      • - Decathlon undertook the delivery order of the products, but after the period of 2x24 hours Decathlon have not sent receipt number of Products ordered;
      • - Unilateral decision from Decathlon to refund to Buyer based on complete and clear evidences.
    • 5.9. In the event of a refund process, the refund will be made via bank transfer to the Buyer's personal account which is informed in advance to Decathlon.
    • 5.10. If there is a Product exchange, the return of the Product to be exchanged must be sent back by Buyer to Decathlon address in accordance with clause 13 accompanied by payment receipt, price tag and goods without defects and the packaging.
    • 5.11. Decathlon is authorized to make decisions on transaction problems that have not been resolved due to the absence of a settlement agreement, both between Decathlon and Buyer, on the basis of the available evidence. Decathlon Decision is an absolute decision and cannot be contested and binding between Decathlon and Buyer.
    • 5.12. Buyer is required to make payments in accordance with the nominal stated on the bill amount on the payment page.
    • 5.13. Decathlon has the authority to change the order status to "sent" if there is no renewal of delivery status from the courier after 25 days since the receipt is inputted by Decathlon and there is no further confirmation from the Purchaser regarding the ordered Product. Then within 5 days since the change of status mentioned above, Decathlon provides the opportunity for Buyer to make (i) confirmation of receipt of Product or (ii) Complaints. If within 5 days there is no confirmation of receipt of the Product or any complaints from Buyer, then Decathlon has the authority to complete the transaction and forward the funds to the relevant Decathlon who is deemed to have carried out its obligation to send the Product and inform the delivery receipt number. This order status adjustment will only be made if the delivery destination addresses listed on the order invoice and courier receipt are correct.
    • 5.14. Buyer fully understands and agrees that the invoice issued is on behalf of Decathlon.

    • 6.1. The price of Products contained in Decathlon Site is determined by Decathlon and is in Indonesian Rupiah. All transactions made on Decathlon Site are only conducted in Rupiah.
    • 6.2. The price listed for each Product is the cost of Product excluding delivery costs, administration fees between accounts and other costs listed on the payment page.
    • 6.3. Buyer understands that Prices changes for Products may change at any time by Decathlon and the Prices stated on the Decathlon Site are the official Prices applicable for the Products.
    • 6.4. Buyer understands that the delivery service rates listed on the payment page have been determined as accurately as possible according to the delivery location. Complete information about delivery service rates can be found on the Delivery page on Decathlon Site. Changes to delivery service rates can change at any time in accordance with applicable regulations and applicable rates that will be displayed on the Delivery page. https://www.decathlon.co.id/en/content/1-delivery
    • 6.5. Buyer understands and agrees that delivery service rates in the event of exchange of goods to Decathlon will be fully imposed to Buyer. Seller is not responsible for failures that occur in sending back Products to Decathlon.
    • 6.6. After Goods and Buyer's order are submitted to the courier/ delivery service, Decathlon is not responsible for delays or failures in the delivery of Goods.

    • 7.1. For the purpose of developing Products and Services on Decathlon Site, Buyer may provide comments by uploading Reviews. In doing so, Buyer is prohibited from:
      • - Uploading Reviews that give rise to claims of violation of privacy or publicity and/or violations of rights and/or interests to third parties;
      • - Uploading Reviews that contain Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Inter-group Relation (SARA) matters, discrimination, humiliating or concerning other people, vulgar, threatening, advertising or promoting sites other than Decathlon Site or applications other than Decathlon Application, or other things that may be deemed incompatible with ​​social values and norms.
      • - Uploading Reviews that reveal, directly or indirectly, political, philosophical or religious opinions, worker/labour unions memberships, health conditions or sexual orientation of each Buyer, including himself;
      • - Acting as a third party and/or publishing each personal Review to a third party.
    • 7.2. For the purpose of the convenience of online Purchase transactions, Decathlon provides complete and interactive Content on Decathlon Site. In using it, Buyer is prohibited from:
      • Using photos/ images of Products and all Content without exception as mediums for advertising or promotion to other sites outside Decathlon Site, or providing personal contact data for conducting transactions directly to buyers / prospective buyers;
      • Save, distribute or publish any element of Content that may violate, directly or indirectly, the interests of Decathlon and/or Decathlon Groups.
    • 7.3. For the purpose of communication, discussion and interaction between User and/or Buyer and Decathlon, Decathlon provides Live Chat services and Contact Us services that can be conducted before or after purchase transactions. All information whether in the form of text, images or videos provided by Buyer is a form of closed communication and will not be published on Decathlon Site without consent of User and/or Buyer.

    • 8.1. Decathlon may terminate each Account registration and each Account registered on Decathlon Site and, if necessary, prohibits the use of and/or access to Decathlon Site if it is proven that occur a violation of point 7 of Terms and Conditions above. These modifications or deletions may occur immediately and at any time without prior notice or warning.
    • 8.2. All Content published on the Decathlon Site is subject to intellectual property rights protected under intellectual property laws, including copyrights, design rights, trademarks, domain names, patents, technical knowledge rights, software or databases, and is fully the property of Decathlon and / or Decathlon Group. User agrees that Decathlon and / or the Decathlon Group can and entitled to take all legal actions necessary for misuse of intellectual property rights of the Content downloaded from Decathlon Site.

    • 9.1. Decathlon Site is a portal site with a business model to users which provides Products sales services from producers to end consumers. Thus all transactions made through Decathlon Site end when Buyer accepts the Products he/she ordered and User and/or Buyer understands the limit of Decathlon’s liability as the seller of Products on Decathlon Site.
    • 9.2. User understands and agrees that the use of all Decathlon Site services is at User's own risk and the services provided by Decathlon are "as what provided" on the Decathlon Site page.
    • 9.3. Decathlon is not obliged to conduct inspection on the quality, safety, correctness and/or accuracy of the Content uploaded by User.
    • 9.4. Based on the applicable laws and regulations, Decathlon (including the Decathlon Group, board of directors and employees) is not responsible and User agrees not to submit claims and/or compensation for all negligence, damage and loss both material and immaterial (including but not limited to waste, defamation, loss of money, data or other losses) either directly or indirectly of:
      • 9.4.1. Access to third parties links and other links including but not limited to downloading the content and information therein;
      • 9.4.2. Suspension of access to Decathlon Site for technical maintenance reasons, including but not limited to interface upgrading and bug fixing;
      • 9.4.3. Access to information provided on Decathlon Site that is not uploaded by Decathlon and/or the Decathlon Group;
      • 9.4.4. Every network malfunction caused by User’s device failure that can prevent the correct functioning of Decathlon Site including but not limited to booking failures, failure of purchase procedures and failure of Account registration;
      • 9.4.5. Every software malfunction caused by each type of computer virus, computer bug, anomaly or failure;
      • 9.4.6. Any hardware damage to the User's computer and devices;
      • 9.4.7. Manipulation or modification of User's Content by third parties (including by that User or other User)
    • 9.5. Decathlon is not responsible to Buyer for any damage, losses, failures, lateness and delays of purchase transaction and in connection with it that caused by the failure to carry out obligations as a seller due to Force Majeure, including but not limited to:
      • 9.5.1. Natural Disasters,
      • 9.5.2. War and riots,
      • 9.5.3. Fire,
      • 9.5.4. Strike,
      • 9.5.5. Labour disputes,
      • 9.5.6. Rebellion and other military actions,
      • 9.5.7. Decisions and changes in decisions of the relevant agencies that have an impact on online trading transactions

    • 10.1. Any future dispute and conflict between User and/or Buyer with Decathlon arising from or in connection with this Terms and Conditions is resolved through consensus among the parties of the dispute.
    • 10.2. In the event that consensus is not reached within 60 (sixty) days after the date of notification of a dispute from one of the parties, the parties of the dispute agree to settle the case through non-exclusive jurisdiction of Tangerang District Court.

    • 11.1. If you have any complaints or questions regarding our products, please contact us at contact.indonesia@decathlon.com and our number at +628170771721 (E-Commerce Team PT. Decathlon Sports Indonesia).
    • 11.2. You can also contact the Consumer Complaints Service of the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Order of Commerce (Ditjen PTKN), Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Building I, 3rd Floor, Jalan M.I. Ridwan Rais No. 5, Central Jakarta 10110, +62-21-3858171 or +62-21-3451692.

    • Information of Decathlon is as follows:
      • - Company Name: PT Decathlon Sports Indonesia
      • - Business Type: Perdagangan alat olahraga
      • - Physical address: Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard Kav. 49, Kunciran, Pinang, Kota Tangerang 15144
      • - Contact Us: contact.indonesia@decathlon.com;
      • - Phone: +628170771721