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Kids' Shoes: The Perfect Fit for Every Adventure

Explore Decathlon Indonesia's Kids' Shoes category, where we offer a wide variety of children's footwear designed to keep them comfortable and stylish during every adventure.

  1. Kids' Indoor & Tennis Shoes

    Discover our range of kids' indoor and tennis shoes, perfect for sports and indoor activities. These shoes provide the support and grip needed for playing comfortably and safely.

  1. Kids' Hiking Boots

    For young outdoor enthusiasts, our kids' hiking boots offer the durability and support required for exploring the great outdoors. Let your little ones trek confidently.

  1. Kids' Aquashoes

    Ensure your children's safety in and around water with our kids' aquashoes. They are designed for a secure grip, quick drying, and protection against sharp objects.

  1. Kids' Horse Riding Boots

    For young equestrians, our kids' horse riding boots are a must. These boots offer both safety and style for riding adventures.

  1. Kids' Running Shoes

    Encourage an active lifestyle with our range of kids' running shoes. They provide the cushioning and support needed for young runners.

  1. Kids' Basketball Shoes

    For aspiring basketball players, our kids' basketball shoes offer the necessary support, grip, and style for the court.

  1. Kids' Soccer Shoes

    Equip your little soccer stars with our kids' soccer shoes. They provide the traction and ball control required for the field.

  1. Kids' Sneakers

    Keep your children comfortable and stylish in everyday life with our kids' sneakers. They come in various styles and colors to match their individuality.

Quality and Safety We prioritize the quality and safety of our kids' shoes to ensure they meet the demands of active play and sports activities.

Stylish Choices Our footwear, including sneakers, comes in various styles and colors, allowing your children to express themselves while staying comfortable.

At Decathlon Indonesia, we understand that proper footwear is crucial for children's comfort and safety. Explore our Kids' Shoes category and its subcategories to find the perfect options to keep your children comfortable and ready for all their adventures.