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    Children's Sleeveless Trisuit - Black/Blue


Decathlon Indonesia offers the most complete and best quality triathlon equipment to meet the needs of athletes and triathlon enthusiasts in Indonesia. We provide various triathlon equipment such as shoes, clothing, accessories, bicycles, and other gear from well-known brands with excellent quality and affordable prices.

We understand that triathlon activities require thorough preparation and reliable equipment. Therefore, we always ensure that our products have undergone various tests and trials before being sold to consumers. We also provide the best service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Feel free to consult with experts at Decathlon Indonesia's store if you need advice in choosing the right triathlon equipment for you. Visit our store or purchase online on our website to get the best triathlon equipment at affordable prices.

Tips for Choosing Triathlon Equipment at Decathlon

Triathlon is a sport that demands athletes to be in their best physical and mental condition throughout the race. This sport combines three different disciplines, swimming, cycling, and running, which can be challenging for athletes to switch between. For a triathlon athlete, choosing the right equipment is crucial as it can make a significant difference to your performance.

Decathlon Indonesia is the most comprehensive sports equipment store with the best quality, offering a wide range of triathlon equipment. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult for athletes to determine the right gear for them. Here are some tips to help athletes choose triathlon equipment at Decathlon Indonesia:

  1. Know Your Needs: Before buying triathlon equipment, make sure you have a clear understanding of your needs. Consider the distance you will be covering, the type of equipment you require, and the available budget. Avoid purchasing overly expensive gear if you are just starting out in triathlon.
  1. Look for Quality Equipment: High-quality triathlon equipment will help you maintain your best performance. Look for equipment made of durable materials and suitable for your needs. Ensure that the equipment you purchase has certifications and has been tested to guarantee its quality.
  1. Pay Attention to Size: The right size is crucial in choosing triathlon equipment. Equipment that is too small or too large can affect your performance and may even cause injuries. Ensure you select equipment that fits your body size properly.
  1. Choose Comfortable Gear: Comfortable triathlon equipment will make you feel better during the competition. Choose gear that fits well and provides adequate padding for comfort during cycling or running. Also, ensure the gear is easy to put on and remove.

In choosing triathlon equipment at Decathlon Indonesia, make sure to pay attention to all the tips mentioned above. Additionally, you can seek advice from experts at our store to ensure you buy the right equipment for your needs. Decathlon Indonesia offers various triathlon equipment such as Swimwear, Running Shoes, Bicycles, and other Accesories. With affordable prices and good quality, Decathlon Indonesia is the right choice for triathlon athletes in Indonesia.

Basic Equipment for Triathlon

Triathlon is a sport that combines three disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. To participate in a triathlon competition, you need basic equipment that suits each of these sports. Here are some essential equipment needed for triathlon:

  1. Wetsuit: A wetsuit made of neoprene is an important piece of equipment for triathlon. The wetsuit helps improve buoyancy and maintains body temperature during open water swimming, especially in cold conditions. It also protects the body from friction with water and reduces drag while swimming./li>
  1. Swimming Goggles: Swimming goggles help maintain visibility during swimming and protect the eyes from pool water chemicals and dirt. Good swimming goggles can also reduce water resistance and improve hydrodynamics while swimming.
  1. Bicycle: The bicycle is the most crucial equipment for the cycling discipline in triathlon. The bicycle should fit your body size and have features suitable for long-distance cycling, such as a sturdy frame, responsive brakes, and adequate gears.
  1. Bicycle Helmet: A helmet is a mandatory piece of equipment to wear during cycling in a triathlon competition. The helmet protects the head from impact and injuries in case of a fall from the bicycle. The helmet should also fit the head size and be comfortable to wear.
  1. Running Shoes: Running shoes are essential for the running discipline in triathlon. Running shoes should be suitable for your foot type and size, providing adequate support during running. The shoes should also be lightweight with good traction to prevent slipping while running.
  1. Triathlon Clothing: Triathlon clothing consists of swimwear, cycling clothing, and shorts specifically designed for triathlon. This clothing provides comfort and protection from friction during swimming, cycling, and running. The materials used in triathlon clothing are also lightweight and quick-drying.

Those are some basic equipment needed for triathlons. Having the right and comfortable equipment is crucial to successfully complete a triathlon.