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  1. Introduction
  2. Data Collection by Decathlon
  3. Purpose of Using User’s Data
  4. Data Processing
  5. Data Privacy
  6. Data Outside of Republic of Indonesia
  7. User’s Right of Data
  8. Data Recording with Cookies
  9. Acknowledgement and Consent
  10. Marketing and Promotional Materials
  11. Anonymous Data
  12. Changes To Privacy Policy
  13. Communication


    • The provisions of this Privacy Policy are a form of Decathlon and the Decathlon Group's commitment to protect and respect the rights of any personal information of Decathlon Platform users (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “You”) (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) and provide comfort and security for Site users https://www.decathlon.co.id. and mobile applications developed by Decathlon Indonesia and other applications that will be developed at a later date based on Decathlon (hereinafter referred to as "Decathlon Platform").

    • The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions listed on the Decathlon Platform are the basis for setting up the acquisition, collection, processing, appearance, and / or all forms of management that the Data Users provide to Decathlon or that Decathlon collects from Users as long as the User registers an Account, accesses the Platform. Decathlon and/or use the services available on the Decathlon Platform.

    • This Privacy Policy is subject to applicable laws and regulations of Republic of Indonesia.

    • By accessing and/or using the services on the Decathlon Platform, the User states that all the data provided and/or collected is true, valid and accurate data and gives approval to Decathlon to obtain, collect, store, manage and use the data in accordance with the provisions. listed in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

    • Users hereby acknowledge that the provisions set out in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are only limited to access and / or services on the Decathlon Platform. Decathlon is not responsible for User Data obtained from third party sites or services where the link can be directed from the Decathlon Platform.2. DATA COLLECTION BY DECATHLON

    • For users under 18 years of age, access or use of services on the Decathlon Platform must be carried out with the assistance of a parent or guardian.
  • 2. Decathlon through Decathlon Platform collects User and/or Consumer’s data when:

    • 2.1. You are able to provide personal information to Us when communicating with Us
    • 2.2. You are able to order product and give your name, e-mail address, delivery address, number and expiry date of your Visa and Mastercard so that your order could be processed and your Item is delivered to you. At any time, we propose to ask your phone number.
    • 2.3. When you call Us, We can monitor or record your calls and save details of phone number(s) that you use to make calls. This information is used to handle your customer services needs better.
    • 2.4. If you join a competition or participate in a promotion, We will ask for your name, address, e-mail address, and other information related to you.
    • 2.5. When you are connected to Internet using Our Services, We will collect your Call Connection Identification Number (CLI).
    • 2.6. We will collect information regarding your taste and preferences both when you inform Us regarding these things and through Our analysis of customers’ traffics, including through the use of cookies (as explained hereunder).
    • 2.7. It is possible that you provide Us information regarding your credit card or bank account to conduct payment to Us. Each of the information (“confidential financial information”) will be used by Us only for specific purpose of which it is provided to Us.
    • 2.8. You can also participate in an activity carried out by a third party and/orDecathlon on the Decathlon Platform by providing information such as: Full name, telephone number, email address or other data deemed necessary by Decathlon.
    • 2.9. As a community owner or provider of sports activities and/or infrastructure on the Decathlon Platform, we reserve the right to request additional data from you including: Full name, telephone number, email address, community location address and or sports infrastructure.
    • 2.10. As a media provider of sports activities and/or facilities, Decathlon and/or Partner(s) will take photos or videos of certain activities for promotional purposes. If you wish to remove the photo(s) from Decathlon’s and/or Partner(s) database, please contact our email address, [email protected]

    3. Purpose of Using User’s Data

    • 3.1. In witness whereof, Decathlon will not, without explicit consent from User, use your Data for every purpose other than what is stated hereunder:
      • 3.1.1 in relation to order, sales, and delivery of Products
      • 3.1.2. to validate you as a customer when using Our Services and call Us (Our helpdesk); to prevent and detect crime, fraud, and misuse or damage of our Service and Connection; to claim them to be responsible and to contact you to invite you to form part of Our Customer’s Assembly or various research groups;
      • 3.1.3. to reach You via post, phone, and electronic mail (such as email, pictures, video, and SMS) regarding functional changes in Decathlon Platform, services or changes in Terms and Conditions, and to communicate with User regarding customer’s benefits and notify about the use of Our Services;
      • 3.1.4 to contact User regarding the existing Products or new Products offered by Decathlon Group (except if You stop subscribing to receive Our marketing material);
      • 3.1.5 to inform User regarding new features, special offers, and promotion competitions offered by Decathlon Group (except if You stop subscribing to receive Our marketing material);
      • 3.1.6. to improve User experience in our Website through the use of cookies. For further information regarding the use of cookies, please refer to clause 3.
      • 3.1.7 to register you in a community and / or sports activity organized by a third party on the Decathlon Platform
      • 3.1.8 to register community and / or sports facilities on the Decathlon Platform.
      • 3.1.9 We will be entitled to use or disclose User Data if the usage or the disclosure is obliged by the law, or to comply with court’s order or law proceedings that may be given to Us, to operate our systems, or to protect and defend our rights or properties.

    4. Data Processing

    • Data that are collected in Decathlon Platform will be used by Decathlon, in its capacity as data controller. Decathlon may process the data solely or by involving third party(ies) operators to do so. User data could be used by other companies in Decathlon Group for research purposes, including statistical and analytical studies, supervising Our services quality, corporate reporting, improving business efficiency and selling prospects.

    5. Data Protection

    • 5.1 Decathlon undertakes every preventive measure, and has technical and organizational measures, to maintain your Data secure, and particularly, to prevent from being disclosed to unauthorized third party(ies). For this purpose, Decathlon undertakes all measures needed to secure the computer systems. If your Data is being transferred to subcontractor (specifically for storage), Decathlon shall ensure that the subcontractors maintain a certain security level that meet the required standards and also by creating an agreement regarding Data protection (if necessary).
    • 5.2 Decathlon ensures that Data will only be stored for a maximum of 4 (four) years since your last use of the Decathlon Platform or until the time specified in the law related to Personal Data Protection.
    • 5.3 You can choose to delete your Account by contacting the email as follows: [email protected] 
    • 5.4 By continuing to refer to Article 5.2 above, Decathlon still has the right to store your Personal Data if required by applicable law

    6. Data Outside of Republic of Indonesia

    • 6.1 Since Decathlon subcontracts part of the data processing, the Data is possible to be transferred outside Republic of Indonesia. Thereby, Decathlon undertakes every measure to ensure that the transfer is conducted in related legal framework, that the third party who is the recipient of information is subject to a law, binding corporate regulation, or binding agreement that provides enough protection as what is obliged by Law of Personal Information Protection. By using Decathlon Sites, User has read all the Privacy Conditions and agrees to transfer Data outside Republic of Indonesia.

    7. User’s Right of Data

    • 7.1 In accordance with the provision from ECTA and applicable laws in Indonesia, Decathlon will not collect, process or disclose every Data, other than the information stipulated in this clause 2 without first obtaining an approval from User to do so.
    • 7.2 Every objection by the User to collect/process Data by Decathlon must be sent via email to: [email protected]
    • 7.3 Decathlon undertakes to:
      • 7.3.1 treat Data with utmost confidentiality;
      • 7.3.2 take appropriate measures to ensure that your Data is stored securely and is protected against every unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage, changes, disclosure or unauthorized or unlawful access;
      • 7.3.3 grant to User access for Data to see and/or renew the personal information of User, if those needs arise;
      • 7.3.4 immediately notifies User if Decathlon becomes aware regarding every unlawful use, disclosure, or process or Data; and
      • 7.3.5. upon the written request of User, immediately return or destroy every and all Data that is u under Our possession or control.

    8.1. Definition of Cookies
    • 8.1.1 Decathlon Platform integrate the uses of cookies. A "cookie" is a small file installed on a User's computer that stores information about User’s browsing habits on the Decathlon Sites (including, but not limited to, language settings, connection times, pages visited, etc.). We may view these cookies the next time you visit, to recognize the repetition of Users, facilitate continuous user access to, for the use of, Decathlon Platform and track the usage behaviour to make your browsing smoother. However, the use of cookies does not allow Decathlon to identify you.
    • 8.1.2 If you do not want your information to be collected through the use of cookies, please refer to clause 3.9 below for information about how to disable cookies. However, please note that the use of cookies may be required to enable certain features of Decathlon Platform to function properly. Accordingly, if User deactivates cookies in User's browser, User cannot use these features, and User's access to the Decathlon Platform will be restricted and not adjusted.
    • 8.1.3 By using Decathlon Services, User agrees for the use of cookies, and the collection of personal information by Decathlon and third parties through these cookies, as stipulated in this clause.
    • 8.1.4 For the sake of transparency, the following paragraphs are intended to give User a complete overview of the cookies used by Decathlon and to offer the User a solution to enable the User to make the correct choice. Please note that sharing your computer's use with other party(ies) may change the nature that is customized with the way cookies operate.
    8.2 Cookies Usage in Decathlon Sites
    • 8.2.1 Decathlon Sites integrates the use of cookies as follows:
      • cookies to record the user's language preferences or other preferences needed to provide the service requested, and
      • flash cookies that contain elements that are very necessary for User's media player (audio or video) to function optimally, related to the content requested by the user.
    • 8.2.2 Decathlon Platform may also use cookies for the purpose of notifying Decathlon regarding Products and pages that you have viewed and/or searched for. These cookies allow Decathlon to offer User the customized content and specifically to display advertisements, when you visit the Decathlon Platform, which is related to User interests. These cookies can be set according to User’s wishes, which are explained in more detail below.
    8.3 Use of Cookies by third parties
    • 8.3.1 Decathlon Platform uses Google Analytics™, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies. Data that is generated by cookies regarding your use of Decathlon Platform (including your IP address) is sent to and stored by Google in servers located in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of Decathlon Platform, to compile reports regarding Decathlon Platform activities intended for its publishers, and to provide other services related to Decathlon Platform activities and your use of Internet. Google may communicate this Data to third party(ies) if it is legally required to do so, or if third party(ies) processes the Data on behalf of Google, including the publisher of this Decathlon Platform. Google will not match User's IP address with other data held by Google. You can deactivate the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser (see below). However, doing so may prevent certain uses of the functions of this Decathlon Platform. By using this Decathlon Platform, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data by Google based on the terms and for the purposes described above. To see Google's Privacy Policy, Click here.
    • 8.3.2 Furthermore, Decathlon Platform also uses plug-ins from the Facebook social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. When a User requests access to a page on Decathlon Platform that contains the plug-in, User's browser establishes a direct connection with Facebook's servers. Content from plug-ins is sent directly to your browser by Facebook and included on the page of the Decathlon Platform. Facebook is notified that your browser has accessed a related page on the Decathlon Platform, even if you do not have a Facebook user account or if you are not currently connected with your Facebook account. The IP address is sent directly by User's browser to a Facebook server located in the United States and recorded there. If User is connected to Facebook while User is browsing the Decathlon Platform, Facebook can directly connect User with User's Facebook account. If User interacts using a plug-in, for example by clicking the "Like" button or leaving a comment, the relevant information will be sent to and recorded on a Facebook server. This information will be published on your Facebook account. Facebook can use this information for advertising purposes and market studies, and adapt its Facebook pages. Facebook can create profiles of Users, their interests and relationships, for example, to evaluate the use of the Decathlon Platform after seeing Facebook advertising, to inform other Facebook users about the activities of the Decathlon Platform and to offer other services in connection with Facebook use. For more information about the purpose and scope of the collection, processing and use of Facebook data, and your rights in connection with it and possible arrangements to protect your privacy, we recommend that you refer to Facebook's policy on data protection, which can be accessed using this link: [https://www.facebook.com/policies] 
    8.4 Options and Settings of Cookies
  • 8.4.1 User choice’s browser settings and consequences:

    • These are some of the ways for User to manage and/or to deactivate cookies. User may, at any time, change the User’s mind about the use of cookies, by going to the Help section on your browser toolbar. It will tell you how to reject cookies, or to display a message that tells you that cookies have been received, or how to deactivate cookies. Cookies can also be deleted manually.
    • You can also choose to deactivate or delete similar cookies used by your browser accessory software, such as Flash cookies, by changing the parameters of the software, or by visiting the software publisher's website
    • If you choose to disable cookies in your web browser, you accept and understand that certain features of the Website cannot be available and may affect your browsing experience. Therefore, Decathlon will not accept responsibility for consequences that may occur as a result of the limited functionality of Decathlon Sites that comes from the inability to use cookies that are required for the Decathlon Sites to function properly.
    8.5. User’s choice depends on the browser:
    8.6 Your choice for mobile equipment (mobile / tablet):
    • 8.6.1 To set whether Safari ™ accepts cookies
      • a. On the main screen, choose Settings> Safari.
      • b. Touch Accept Cookies and select Never, From Visited Sites or Always.
    • 8.6.2 To delete all cookies in Safari:
      • a. On the main screen, choose Settings> Safari.
      • b. Tap Erase Cookies.
    • 8.6.3 To delete cookies on Android
      • a. Menu> Settings> Erase all cookies

    • 9.1. By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and agree to all of its terms. In particular, you agree and give us your consent to collect, use, share, disclose, store, transfer, or process your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    • 9.2. In circumstances where you provide us with Personal Data relating to other individuals (such as Personal Data relating to your spouse, family members, friends, or other parties), you represent and warrant that you have obtained the consent of that individual for, and hereby consents on behalf of that individual to, our collection, use, disclosure and processing of their Personal Data.
    • 9.3. You agree that the initial setting on the Decathlon Platform is "Opt in". However, you can withdraw your consent for any or all collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data at any time by providing us with reasonable notice in writing using the contact details mentioned below. You can also withdraw your consent for sending certain communications and information from us through the "opt-out" facility or the "unsubscribe" option available in our messages to you. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the consent you are withdrawing, you must understand and acknowledge that after withdrawal of such consent, you may no longer be able to use the Application or services. Withdrawal of your consent may result in the termination of your account or your contractual relationship with us, with all rights and obligations that arise fully being fulfilled. After receiving notification to withdraw consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data, We will inform you of the possible consequences of such withdrawal so that you can decide whether you still want to withdraw your consent.

    • We and our partners can send you direct marketing, advertising, and promotional communications via push-notification applications, messages through applications, post, phone calls, short message services (SMS), and e-mails (“Marketing Materials”) if you have agreed to subscribe to our mailing list, and/or agree to receive marketing and promotional materials from us. You can choose not to receive these marketing communications at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" option in the respective message, or contacting us via the contact details listed below. Please note that if you opt out, we may still send you non-promotional messages, such as receipts or information about your account.

    • We may create, use, license or disclose Personal Data, which is available, provided that, (i) all identifiable things have been deleted so that the data, either alone or in combination with other available data, cannot be linked to or associated with or cannot identify an individual, and (ii) similar data has been combined so that the original data forms part of the larger data set.

    • We may review and change this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion from time to time, to ensure that this Privacy Policy is consistent with our future developments, and/or changes to legal or regulatory requirements. If we decide to change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of these changes through a public notification published on the application and/or website, or vice versa to your e-mail address listed in your account. You agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy regularly for the latest information about our data processing and data protection practices, and that with you continue to use the Decathlon Platform, communicate with us, or access and use services after any changes to the Privacy Policy this will be considered as your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any amendments thereof

    • If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or you want to get access and/or make corrections to your Personal Data, please contact the email address: [email protected] or phone number: +628111990279