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Women's Underwear: Comfort and Support from the Inside Out

Welcome to Decathlon Indonesia's Women's Underwear category, where comfort and support are your everyday essentials. Our collection features a range of intimate wear to ensure you feel your best, whether you're active or at leisure.

  1. Women's Undies

    Discover the perfect balance of comfort and style with our selection of women's undies. From everyday essentials to lacy options, we offer a variety of designs to match your mood and outfit.

  1. Sports Bras

    Stay active with confidence and support. Our sports bras are designed to provide the right level of support for different activities, whether it's yoga, running, or high-intensity workouts.

  1. Women's Baselayers

    Keep warm and comfortable with our women's baselayers. These are the foundation of your cold-weather wardrobe, providing an extra layer of insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities for outdoor adventures.

Everyday Comfort We understand that comfort is key when it comes to underwear. Our collection prioritizes soft materials, seamless designs, and the perfect fit.

Performance Matters Our sports bras are engineered for performance. They provide excellent support and moisture management to keep you comfortable during your workouts.

Cold-Weather Protection When the temperature drops, our baselayers keep you warm and cozy. They're designed to wick away moisture and trap heat, making them ideal for outdoor activities in chilly conditions.

At Decathlon Indonesia, we believe that feeling great on the inside is as important as looking good on the outside. Explore our Women's Underwear category and its subcategories to find the perfect fit for your everyday comfort and active lifestyle.