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  1. Price IDR 129,000

    U Bike Lock 500 - Grey

  2. IDR 650,000
    Price IDR 195,000

    Folding Bike Lock 500

  3. Price IDR 249,000

    Bike Chain Lock 500 M

  4. Price IDR 299,000

    Bike Chain Lock 500 L

  5. IDR 189,000
    Price IDR 69,000

    Accessory 100 Lock Tri-Pack



Decathlon offers a variety of padlock products to suit your sporting needs. From chain locks, U-locks, cable locks, to multi-purpose locks that can be used for various purposes. Products at Decathlon Indonesia are specially designed by experts at Decathlon Indonesia to provide you with the ultimate sports experience. Get a range of padlock products at your nearest Decathlon Indonesia stores.

Types of Padlocks for Different Activities

A padlock is an essential tool to secure valuable items or sports equipment. There are several types of padlocks that can be used according to your needs and sports activities. Here are some types of padlocks you can choose from.

  1. Digital padlock: A digital padlock uses access codes instead of conventional keys. You can easily program the access code and change it as needed. Digital padlocks are suitable for sports activities that require high security, such as storing sports bags in lockers or securing your home's door while exercising outdoors.
  1. Combination padlock: A combination padlock uses numeric codes as a security key. You can set the combination according to your preference. Combination padlocks are suitable for locking relatively small sports equipment such as sports bags or bicycles.
  1. Conventional padlock: A conventional padlock uses a physical key that can be opened by inserting the corresponding key. Conventional padlocks are generally more durable and sturdy compared to other types of padlocks. They are suitable for locking larger sports equipment such as treadmills or bench presses.
  1. Elope padlock: An Elope padlock uses the latest technology to secure your sports equipment. It employs an electronic key system that can be accessed through a smartphone app. You can remotely set access codes and view access history for the padlock. Elope padlocks are ideal for securing sports equipment at gyms or fitness centers.

When selecting the right type of padlock for your sports activity, consider factors such as security and user convenience. Choose a padlock that provides maximum protection for your valuable items or sports equipment. Additionally, make sure to choose a padlock that is easy to use and fits your needs.

Tips for Choosing a Padlock at Decathlon

Decathlon is a renowned sports store that offers a variety of accessories, including padlocks. Padlocks are important tools for securing valuable items such as bikes, bags, or doors. However, choosing the right padlock can be challenging due to the numerous options available. Here are some tips for choosing the right padlock at Decathlon.

  1. Consider the Items Being Secured: The first thing to consider when choosing a padlock is the items you intend to secure. For example, if you need a padlock for your bike, ensure that the chosen padlock is strong enough to prevent theft. A good padlock should withstand potential attacks like cutting or breaking.
  1. Pay Attention to Padlock Material: The material of the padlock is also a crucial factor in selecting the right one. Padlocks are made from various materials such as alloy metals, steel, and brass. Choose a padlock made from strong and durable materials. Alloy metals and steel are generally more durable than brass.
  1. Choose the Right Padlock Size: Padlock size is also important to consider. Ensure that the chosen padlock has the appropriate size for the items you intend to secure. Avoid choosing a padlock that is too small, as it may be easily opened by criminals. On the other hand, avoid selecting a padlock that is too large, as it could be cumbersome to carry.
  1. Consider the Installation Location: Lastly, consider the installation location for the padlock. Make sure the chosen padlock can be easily and securely installed in your chosen location. If you plan to install the padlock outdoors, ensure that it is weather-resistant.

In conclusion, choosing the right padlock is essential for preventing crimes. Pay attention to the items being secured, padlock material, padlock size, and installation location when choosing a padlock at Decathlon. By considering these factors, you can select a padlock that suits your needs and provides optimal security.