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  1. Price IDR 4,799,000

    Tilt 500 XS 14in Light Grey

  2. Price IDR 3,199,000

    Folding Bike Tilt 120 Red 20 inch

  3. Price IDR 3,199,000

    TILT 120 ADJ

  4. Price IDR 4,799,000

    Folding Bike Tilt 500 Orange 20 inch

  5. IDR 7,742,000
    Price IDR 6,193,600

    Sepeda lipat TROY 16" 10SP GOLD

  6. IDR 14,700,000
    Price IDR 10,290,000

    Sepeda lipat PIKES GEN2 16" BLUE RAINBOW

  7. IDR 3,430,000
    Price IDR 2,401,000



Folding bikes are a type of bicycle that can be folded into a smaller and portable size. Their compact design makes folding bikes very suitable for use in crowded urban areas with limited public transportation. Folding bikes can be easily folded and carried inside vehicles or transported in a small bag. Despite their small size, folding bikes still offer good performance and can be used for daily activities such as commuting to work or shopping. Folding bikes usually have lightweight and easy-to-operate frames and come equipped with accessories like disc brakes, lights, and bells to ensure safety and comfort on the road. Decathlon Indonesia provides a wide range of folding bikes & city bikes with the best quality, designed by experts from Decathlon. The folding bikes & city bikes available at Decathlon Indonesia can be used by both professionals and beginners. Get the best quality products from Decathlon Indonesia at your nearest Decathlon stores.

Things to Consider Before Buying Folding Bikes & City Bikes

Here are some things to consider before purchasing the right folding bikes & city bikes:

  1. Consider the use of the folding bike: Make sure to choose a folding bike that suits your needs and lifestyle. If you will only use it for short trips in the city, a folding bike with small wheels will be a suitable choice. However, if you plan to use the folding bike for touring or long distances, choose one with larger wheels and good suspension.
  1. Folding bike size: When choosing a folding bike, pay attention to its size when folded and when unfolded. Ensure that it is small enough to be stored in limited spaces, such as apartments or vehicles. However, also make sure that when unfolded, it is comfortable and fits your height.
  1. Frame material: The frame material commonly used for folding bikes is aluminum or steel. Aluminum folding bikes are usually lighter and more portable, but they are more expensive. On the other hand, steel folding bikes are stronger and more durable but a bit heavier.
  1. Component quality: Ensure that the folding bike has high-quality components, such as a good and easy-to-use braking system, easily adjustable gears, and adequate suspension. The better the quality of the components used, the more comfortable and safe the folding bike will be to use.
  1. Price: Good and high-quality folding bikes usually come with a higher price. However, make sure that the price you pay matches the quality of the folding bike you are buying. Avoid choosing cheap folding bikes with low quality as it may compromise your safety on the road.

Essential Equipment for Folding Biking & City Biking

Cycling is a popular and well-loved sport among people. There are various types of bikes that can be used for cycling, one of which is folding bikes and city bikes. These types of bikes have different characteristics from other bikes, so the essential equipment required is also different. Here is the essential equipment for folding biking and city biking.

  1. Helmet: A helmet is a mandatory gear for every cyclist, especially when cycling with folding bikes and city bikes. Helmets protect your head from impacts or falls while cycling. Make sure to choose a helmet that has safety certification to provide maximum protection.
  1. Cycling Shoes: Cycling shoes are also essential gear, especially for folding bikes and city bikes. Cycling shoes have a special design to maximize pedaling power. They also help prevent injuries to your feet while cycling. Make sure to choose cycling shoes with good grip to prevent slipping on the pedals.
  1. Bike Bag: Bike bags are very useful for storing bike accessories and personal belongings. Choose a bike bag with a design and size suitable for the type of bike used, be it folding bikes or city bikes. Also, ensure that the bike bag is made of waterproof material and easy to clean.
  1. Cycling Jersey and Shorts: Cycling jerseys and shorts are essential for increasing comfort while cycling. Cycling jerseys and shorts are made of lightweight and sweat-absorbent materials. Additionally, cycling jerseys provide good ventilation to regulate body temperature while cycling. Choose cycling jerseys and shorts with attractive designs and colors.
  1. Cycling Sunglasses: Cycling sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and blinding sunlight. They also help improve vision while cycling. Choose cycling sunglasses with high-quality lenses and comfortable designs.

Those are the essential equipment required for folding biking and city biking. Make sure to choose high-quality equipment that suits your needs and budget. With the right equipment, cycling will be more comfortable and safe.