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  1. IDR 70,000
    Price IDR 59,000

    Velcro Target Balls

  2. Price IDR 279,000

    T540 Steel-Tipped Darts Tri-Pack

  3. IDR 90,000
    Price IDR 79,000

    T100 Steel-Tipped Darts Tri-Pack - Black

  4. IDR 799,000
    Price IDR 249,000

    Steel Tip Dartboard Club 700

  5. IDR 599,000
    Price IDR 199,000

    Steel Tip Dartboard Club 500

  6. Price IDR 699,000

    S900 Soft Tip Darts Tri-Pack

  7. Price IDR 199,000

    S500 Soft Tip Darts Tri-Pack

  8. IDR 90,000
    Price IDR 79,000

    S100 Canaveral Soft Tip Darts Tri-Pack



Darts and petanque are two types of sports commonly played indoors (darts) and outdoors (petanque). Darts is a sport played using a dartboard and a set of darts, consisting of three or four sharp-tipped darts. The objective of this sport is to throw the darts into the dartboard's segments to score points. Meanwhile, petanque is an outdoor sport played using heavy metal balls and a small circle as a target. The goal of this sport is to throw the balls closer to the circle, with the player or team having the closest ball being the winner.

Decathlon, the most comprehensive sports store with the best quality, offers a wide range of darts and petanque equipment at affordable and high-quality prices. If you're a fan of these sports and want to buy equipment at an affordable price, Decathlon is the right place for you.

Decathlon offers various darts and petanque equipment, including dartboards, darts, petanque balls, and other accessories. All equipment sold at Decathlon has been tested and guaranteed for quality. You don't need to worry about the authenticity of the products sold because Decathlon only offers the best sports products.

Things to Prepare for Darts & Petanque Sports

Darts and Petanque are two popular sports in Indonesia. Both sports can be played indoors or outdoors, which makes them appealing to many. However, before playing Darts or Petanque, there are several things you need to prepare. Here are some things you need to prepare for playing Darts and Petanque.

  1. Dartboard or Petanque Field: The first thing you need to prepare is a Dartboard or Petanque Field. A dartboard is a round board with several segments on its surface. Meanwhile, a Petanque Field is an area with several circles as targets for the thrown metal balls. Make sure the Dartboard or Petanque Field is in good condition and safe to use.
  1. Darts or Metal Balls: For playing Darts, you obviously need Darts. For playing Petanque, you need metal balls. Ensure that the Darts or Metal Balls are in good condition and safe to use. Also, make sure there are enough Darts or Metal Balls for all players.
  1. Playing Area: Both sports require a sufficiently large playing area. If playing Darts, ensure that the room has enough space for throwing the darts safely and comfortably. If playing Petanque, make sure the field has enough space for throwing the metal balls safely and comfortably.
  1. Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Both sports require comfortable clothing and shoes. Make sure the clothing is not too tight or too loose, as it could hinder players' movements. Additionally, ensure that the shoes are comfortable and safe to wear while playing Darts or Petanque.
  1. Playing Partners: Playing partners are also crucial for Darts or Petanque. Make sure there are enough playing partners ready to play together. With more playing partners, the game will be more exciting and enjoyable.

These are some things you need to prepare for playing Darts and Petanque. By arranging all these aspects, playing Darts or Petanque will be safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Tips for Choosing Darts & Petanque Equipment

Darts and Petanque are highly popular sports worldwide, including in Indonesia. When playing Darts and Petanque, selecting the right equipment is essential to maximize performance and playing comfort. Here are some tips for choosing the right Darts and Petanque equipment.

  1. Consider Product Quality: When choosing Darts and Petanque equipment, be sure to consider product quality. Choose products made from high-quality and durable materials. This will help you avoid unwanted damage or issues during play.
  1. Size and Weight Adjustment: Darts and Petanque equipment come in various sizes and weights. Be sure to choose the right size and weight for you. Inappropriate size and weight can disrupt gameplay and performance.
  1. Choose Comfortable Equipment: Comfortable Darts and Petanque equipment will facilitate your gameplay. Choose products designed ergonomically to provide comfort during use. Also, ensure that the Dart handle or Metal Ball can be gripped effectively.
  1. Match Your Playing Style: Each player has a different playing style. Choose Darts and Petanque equipment that suits your playing style. If you prefer heavier Darts, choose heavier ones. If you prefer smaller metal balls for Petanque, select smaller ones.
  1. Choose a Trusted Brand: Opt for a trusted brand with proven quality. Trusted brands typically offer quality products at reasonable prices. When choosing a brand, make sure to read reviews or product feedback before purchasing.

When selecting the right Darts and Petanque equipment, be sure to consider the above factors. Also, ensure that you purchase equipment from a reputable sports store offering quality products at reasonable prices. By choosing the right equipment, you'll be able to maximize performance and comfort while playing Darts and Petanque, enhancing your overall experience.