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  1. IDR 14,900,000
    Price IDR 12,999,000

    Triban RC 520 Disc Road Bike 105 - Dark Blue

  2. IDR 11,500,000
    Price IDR 9,999,000

    Triban RC 500 Disc Road Bike Sora - Turqoise Blue

  3. IDR 7,300,000
    Price IDR 6,999,000


  4. Price IDR 19,500,000

    RCR 900 AF Road Bike 105

  5. IDR 11,500,000
    Price IDR 9,999,000

    RC 500 BLACK CN FR

  6. Price IDR 17,499,000

    EDR AF 105 CN FR

  7. IDR 7,000,000
    Price IDR 1,999,000

    Triban RC100 Flat Bar Road Bike 7 Speed - Silver

  8. IDR 14,896,000
    Price IDR 10,427,200

    Sepeda Karbon ELEMENT NERONE 510 22SP BLACK

  9. IDR 18,153,800
    Price IDR 12,707,660

    Sepeda Karbon CAMP SPENCER 2.0 500 22SP BLACK

  10. IDR 11,368,000
    Price IDR 7,957,600


  11. IDR 4,550,000
    Price IDR 3,000,000

    RC 120 FB DISC CN FR


Decathlon Indonesia provides and sells the most complete road bikes at the lowest prices with the best quality. Road bikes are typically used on smooth and paved roads. These bikes are specially designed to be easily ridden on flat terrain, with a slim and lightweight design. You can find a road bike that suits your needs at the nearest Decathlon Indonesia store.

Tips for Choosing Road Bikes at Decathlon Indonesia

Here are some tips for choosing road bikes:

  1. Adjust the bike size to your body. Road bikes that are too big or too small can cause discomfort while riding and can affect your performance.
  1. Pay attention to the bike frame material. The common frame materials used in road bikes are aluminum, carbon, and steel. Aluminum is lighter and rust-resistant, while carbon is lighter and more durable. Steel is heavier but more durable.
  1. Consider the type of wheels used. Road bike wheels generally consist of rims and tires. Rims are usually made of aluminum or carbon, while tires can affect your comfort and speed.
  1. Consider the braking system. Road bikes typically use either disc or caliper brake systems. Disc systems are stronger and more durable, while caliper systems are lighter and easier to maintain.
  1. Pay attention to the bike's transmission. Road bikes usually have multiple gears, which can affect your performance and ability to handle various terrains.
  1. Consider the bike brand and price. The brand and price of the bike can affect its quality and performance. Choose a trusted brand and adjust the price to your budget. Decathlon Indonesia sells the most complete range of road bike brands with the best quality.
  1. Try the bike before buying. Test the road bike you intend to buy to ensure its comfort and performance meet your needs. Visit the nearest Decathlon store so you can try out the road bike according to your needs. Also, consult your needs with our expert team at Decathlon stores throughout Indonesia.

Essential Equipment for Road Biking

Road biking is a popular sport among the community. It not only provides health benefits but can also be a fun hobby. To ride a bike comfortably and safely, there are several essential equipment pieces that every cyclist must have. Here is the essential equipment for road biking.

  1. Helmet: A helmet is a mandatory gear for every cyclist, especially when road biking. Helmets protect your head from impacts or falls while cycling. Make sure to choose a helmet that has safety certification to provide maximum protection.
  1. Sepatu sepeda:Cycling Shoes: Cycling shoes are designed specifically to maximize pedaling power. They also help prevent injuries to your feet while cycling. Make sure the cycling shoes you choose have good grip to prevent slipping on the pedals.
  1. Cycling Jersey and Shorts: Cycling jerseys and shorts are made of lightweight and sweat-absorbent materials. They are designed specifically to maximize comfort while cycling. Additionally, cycling jerseys provide good ventilation to regulate body temperature while cycling.
  1. Cycling Gloves: Cycling gloves help prevent hand injuries in case of impact or falls while cycling. They also provide a good grip on the bike handle to prevent slipping.
  1. Cycling Sunglasses: Cycling sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and blinding sunlight. They also help improve vision while cycling.

Those are some of the essential equipment pieces you must have for road biking. Make sure to choose high-quality equipment that suits your needs. With the right equipment, you can road bike comfortably and safely.