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Since 1996, Decathlon’s Passion brands have been combining pleasure and passion in order to propose accessible, innovative and high-performance products for all, at the best possible price/quality ratio.

Fruit of our laboratory research, Passion brand products are tested and validated in real-life conditions during mission tests and by our technical partners. These tests ensure our products are reliable, safe and adapted to each specific usage.

Passion brand products are sold in all the Decathlon Stores.




The human body is every sports person’s most important piece of sports equipment so Aptonia helps sports people to concentrate on the basics: enjoying the pleasure and benefits of sport. With a wide range of health and nutrition products, Aptonia preserves and optimises the physical resources of sports people from preparation to recovery. www.aptonia.com



Artengo covers the 6 main racket sports - tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash, padel and beach tennis – not to mention more localised sports such as frontenis in Spain or frescobol in Brazil. In partnership with players of all abilities, Artengo offers innovative products at unbeatable value for money. www.artengo.com



b'Twin is the world leader in the cycling market with more than 2.7 million bikes sold internationally. Designing best value for money bikes, accessories, equipment and spare parts is the brand’s obsession. Innovation and design are at the heart of the brand’s project making cycling an easier and more attractive option. www.btwin.com



For our team, fishing is much more than a sport or leisure activity. For every one of us it’s a passion that we want to share. Every day, we strive to make the pleasure of fishing accessible to all by designing simple, efficient and clever products. www.caperlan.com



Domyos innovates in order to make people want to take part in fitness, dance, gymnastics and combat sports activities. 150 team members create high-quality products and services, at the lowest possible prices, making the pleasure and benefits of all these sports accessible to all. www.domyos.com



At Fouganza, we do everything we can to create attractive, smart and safe best-value-for-money products that will ensure perfect horse and rider harmony. Horse riding is a sport that must remain simple and fun. That’s why we work incessantly to offer ingenious equipment that corresponds to the needs of all horse riders. www.fouganza.com



The Geologic team’s intention is to get as many people as possible to discover the pleasure of target sports. Darts, archery and boules can provide hours of satisfaction and fun. www.geologic.org



At Geonaute, we are convinced that electronics can enhance the sports experience by reinventing and adding value to it. We design and develop our products and services to be simple, discrete and perfectly adapted to their corresponding sports. We want technology to add a new dimension to experiencing sport. www.geonaute.com



'Liberate your swing'. Whatever your ability, Inesis will help you improve through the advice the brand gives you, its products and its services. Every day, our design team relies on user feedback in order to invent a simpler and more spontaneous way to play golf - A golf that lets you express your desires and emotions. A liberated approach to golf! www.inesis.com



‘Find your rhythm, enjoy your run’. Kalenji offers products for road, nature, and track running. Since it was founded in 2004, Kalenji has spent ten years developing a philosophy of accessibility and proximity to runners of all kinds: from performance runners to beginners, from women to juniors... Making people want to run and making this pleasure accessible to everyone long-term is the brand’s leitmotiv. www.kalenji.com Temui teammates kami untuk nikmati olahraga lari selengkapnya di SINI



Every day, Kipsta looks to invent, develop and make accessible team sports all over the world, by building aspiration through products that are more and more technical, more and more attractive and more and more affordable for everyone – price will never be an obstacle to their purchase www.kipsta.com



'Pep up your swim'. Based in Hendaye in the French Basque Country and consisting only of swimmers, some of whom have competed at the very highest level, the Nabaiji brand’s self-proclaimed mission is to reinvent the world of swimming. Beyond the colours that match Nabaiji’s strong identity, the brand strives for excellence in its product design working with the very best technical partners. www.nabaiji.com



Working with our R&D engineers and testers on a daily basis, Newfeel designs a technical range that guarantees the most suitable level of comfort for walkers of all ages. Newfeel shoes guide the feet throughout the stride every step of the way. Newfeel luggage makes walking smoother for walkers on the go. www.newfeel.com



Orao is guided by a strong belief: eyes are important when it comes to sport. The sun’s rays, wind, rain, flying objects… all these elements can endanger the precious commodity that is our sight. The Orao team designs sports-adapted optical products. Protect your eyes and optimise your vision to get the most out of your sport. www.orao.com



Rolling, sliding, skating, riding, jumping: there are many verbs to describe the activities covered by Oxelo. But from roller-skating to skateboarding, including ice skates and scooters, the common denominator is gliding. So whether you’re looking to keep fit, get around town, do some sport or compete, Oxelo products will meet all your expectations, in total safety. www.oxelo.com



Founded in 1997, Quechua is Decathlon’s hiking sports brand. Installed at the foot of Mont-Blanc, the Quechua international design centre is a real laboratory in which our teams come up with products for hiking, mountain trail, camping, Nordic skiing and snow shoe hiking. www.quechua.com



Chamonix - Since 1860. The Simond factory sits at the foot of Mont Blanc, with an outstanding view of l’ Aiguille Verte, les Drus and les Aiguilles de Chamonix. Since 1860, our proximity to this unique mountain sports theatre combined with our unique expertise has enabled us to dream up ever more innovative products that climbers have been relying on for 150 years. www.simond.com



Solognac designs products with a strong ambition in mind: ‘to connect Mankind with Wild Nature’. This Wild Nature can only be found off the beaten track. Whether your ultimate aim is to hunt, observe or photograph wild game, your need to protect yourself from the elements remains essential. For this reason, Solognac’s DNA is quite straight forward: durability. www.solognac.com



'Designed by water'. Water is Man’s initial element. Contact with the water awakens the senses and enables you to recharge. We design our products with this view of osmosis with the elements in mind, bringing every one of our users maximum enjoyment and benefits during nautical and water sports. www.tribord.com



‘Slide, skid, jump’ is the meaning of the word ‘Wed’ze’ in the Savoyard dialect - a colourful expression that translates a simple, spontaneous state of mind that’s full of energy. From downhill skiing to freeride, covering everything including freestyle, the Wed’ze philosophy is to go out with no hang-ups and discover a full range of rich and varied snow sport sensations, whatever your ability. www.wedze.com