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Thank you for your trust in choosing Decathlon sports products.

As part of the quality and quality assurance process, the OXELO team has identified potential risks associated with cracks in the handle of the LEARN 500 scooter controller. If a crack occurs, it can cause the control handle to break and the scooter rider to fall.

If you are a sports user who purchased a product between January 21 - September 30, 2021. We ask you to:


Return the product to the nearest Decathlon Store (if you make a purchase at our store) and return it through the package that we bear (if you make an online purchase)


Returned products can be exchanged for a PLAY5 scooter with equivalent specifications or a refund in the form of a Decathlon gift card.

Our customer service is available and ready to help you to answer any questions at this number: +628170771721 from 09.00 - 21.00 or send an email to contact.indonesia@decathlon.co.id.

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the inconvenience.

Rocky Screwgate Carabiner (Ref : 1760147 & 1759997)