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Decathlon Indonesia sells the most complete orienteering equipment with the best quality. We offer a wide range of products suitable for orienteering activities such as maps, compasses, bags, shoes, and other gear. All our products are designed to provide the best experience for orienteering enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or experienced participants.

We also provide a warranty for all the products we sell, so customers don't need to worry if there are any issues with their purchased items. Additionally, we have a team of experts ready to assist and provide advice in choosing the right products according to customers' needs.

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Definition of Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport that combines intelligence, speed, and physical endurance. In this sport, participants must find designated routes with the help of maps and compasses.

Initially, orienteering was primarily practiced by the military as part of tactical training. However, today orienteering has become a popular sport among the general public in various countries, including Indonesia.

Orienteering participants must be proficient in reading maps. The maps used in orienteering are different from the everyday maps. Orienteering maps have large scales, allowing every detail on the map to be clearly visible. On orienteering maps, there are various symbols and codes that participants must understand to find the correct routes.

In addition to maps, participants must also use compasses to determine the direction to be taken. A compass is a tool used to indicate the north direction. Participants must understand how to use a compass properly to determine the correct direction.

Orienteering can be done individually or in teams. In team orienteering, participants compete in groups consisting of several people. Each participant has different tasks in finding the routes.

Orienteering can be done in various locations, such as forests, mountains, or cities. Each location presents different challenges in finding the routes. In forests or mountains, participants must navigate through difficult and irregular terrains. While in cities, participants must choose the right routes and navigate through busy streets.

Orienteering is a fascinating and challenging sport. It not only trains physical fitness but also improves mapping and navigation skills. If you're looking for a different and challenging sport, orienteering can be the right choice.

Tips for Choosing Orienteering Equipment

Orienteering is a challenging sport that requires good preparation. One crucial aspect of orienteering preparation is selecting the right equipment. In this article, we will provide some tips for choosing orienteering equipment that can help you in your orienteering preparation.

  1. Choose the right map: Orienteering map is one of the most important equipment in this sport. Choose a map that suits the area or location where you will be orienteering. Make sure the map has an appropriate scale and is complete with sufficient details. Also, choose a map made of waterproof material to prevent damage if exposed to water.
  1. Use a good compass: A compass is a critical tool in orienteering. Choose a high-quality compass to accurately indicate directions. Also, ensure the compass has a suitable size and is easy to carry. Product Recommendation : QUICK and STABLE WRIST compass for MULTISPORT adventure racing
  1. Select comfortable shoes: Shoes are one of the essential equipment in orienteering. Choose comfortable shoes that are suitable for the terrains you will be traversing. Select shoes with non-slip soles to avoid slipping on slippery terrains.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing: Choose clothing suitable for the terrains and weather conditions at the orienteering location. If orienteering is done in cold areas, choose clothing that can keep your body warm. On the other hand, if orienteering is done in hot areas, choose clothing that can effectively absorb sweat to prevent overheating.
  1. Carry other equipment: Besides essential equipment such as maps, compasses, shoes, and clothing, you also need to carry other items such as bags or backpacks, drinking water, and snacks. Make sure the bag or backpack used is spacious enough and has many pockets for easy storage of equipment. Bring drinking water and snacks that can provide energy while navigating through challenging terrains.
  1. Check the equipment before use: Before engaging in orienteering, ensure to check all the equipment to be used. Make sure there is no damage or missing parts. Also, check if the map and compass are properly set.

By choosing the right orienteering equipment, you can prepare yourself well and feel more confident while engaging in orienteering. Remember to practice regularly and improve your orienteering skills to achieve better results every time you participate in this sport.