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Gymnastics and dance are two types of sports that involve body movements and coordination. Although both involve movements, gymnastics focuses more on strength, speed, and endurance, while dance emphasizes the beauty of movements and emotional expression. Gymnastics is a sport that involves acrobatic and artistic movements, such as jumps, spins, and balances on apparatuses like bars, floor, and vault. Gymnastics also includes physical exercises to enhance strength, speed, and endurance.

Dance is an art of body movement expressed in a beautiful and creative way. Dance can encompass various styles and types, such as ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, and more. Dance also involves coordinating movements with music and the emotional interpretation of the music or theme being performed.

Although there are differences between gymnastics and dance, both sports have similar health benefits. They can help improve flexibility, strength, and body balance, as well as reduce stress and enhance overall well-being.


Decathlon sells a wide range of the most comprehensive gymnastics & dance equipment with the best quality. Decathlon also offers various supporting equipment for gymnastics & dance sports, suitable for both children and adults. We provide a wide selection of products to support your gymnastics & dance activities, such as rhythmic gymnastics balls, trampolines, rhythmic gymnastics ribbons, and more. We also sell various comfortable clothing collections to wear during your gymnastics & dance activities. Get Decathlon products at your nearest Decathlon Indonesia store or on the Decathlon Indonesia website.

Essential Equipment for Gymnastics & Dance at Decathlon

Gymnastics and dance at Decathlon are types of sports that require specific equipment and gear. Therefore, before engaging in these sports, it's essential to prepare the right and suitable equipment. Here are some essential equipment items to have before engaging in gymnastics and dance at Decathlon.

  1. Gymnastics and Dance Clothing: Comfortable and flexible clothing is crucial for gymnastics and dance at Decathlon. Choose clothing made from sweat-absorbent materials that do not hinder your movements. You can opt for clothing made of spandex or similar materials to facilitate your movements during sports activities. Also, ensure the clothing you wear fits properly and suits your body shape to avoid hindering your movements during exercise.
  1. Gymnastics Equipment: Gymnastics equipment such as mats, small balls, and training ropes are essential gear when engaging in gymnastics and dance at Decathlon. Mats are used to protect your body during movements that involve jumping or falling. Small balls are used to strengthen body muscles, while training ropes are used to improve body flexibility.
  1. Ballet Shoes: Ballet shoes are specialized footwear commonly used during ballet dance. These shoes are made of lightweight and flexible materials to facilitate foot movements while dancing. Additionally, ballet shoes have smooth and soft rubber soles to avoid scratching the floor while dancing.
  1. Baby Gym: Baby gym, or commonly known as play gym, is essential equipment for parents who want to introduce gymnastics to their babies. Baby gyms consist of mats and several toys specially designed to stimulate the baby's body movements. By using a baby gym, your baby can learn to move freely and stimulate their motor development.

Those are some essential equipment items to have before engaging in gymnastics and dance at Decathlon. Ensure you choose the right equipment that suits your needs to exercise comfortably and safely.

Tips for choosing Gymnastics & Dance Equipment at Decathlon

Gymnastics and dance are sports that require specific equipment for comfortable and safe practice. The choices are abundant, especially when shopping at Decathlon. In this article, we'll provide some tips for choosing the right gymnastics and dance equipment at Decathlon.

  1. Choose comfortable materials: Gymnastics and dance equipment are usually made from materials such as spandex, nylon, and polyester. Ensure you select comfortable materials that absorb sweat easily, so you stay dry and comfortable during exercise. Additionally, choose flexible materials that do not hinder your movements.
  1. Consider your body size and shape: Proper equipment should fit your body size and shape. Make sure you choose equipment that fits properly to avoid hindrance during exercise. Pay attention to the length and width of the equipment you buy. If it's too short or too long, it may interfere with your movements during exercise.
  1. Pay attention to design and function: Consider the design and function of the equipment you are going to buy. Ensure the equipment is specially designed for gymnastics and dance sports. The right design will facilitate your movements during exercise. Also, make sure the equipment fulfills your function and purpose during exercise.
  1. Look for references and reviews: Before buying gymnastics and dance equipment at Decathlon, look for references and reviews first. Find out what others are saying about the product you are going to buy. Reviews from customers who have used the product can help you decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.
  1. Don't focus solely on the price: Price is not the only factor to consider when choosing gymnastics and dance equipment at Decathlon. Although cheap prices may seem attractive, not all low-priced products have good quality. Instead, focus on the quality and suitability of the product to your needs.