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  1. IDR 199,000
    Price IDR 149,000

    Swimming trunks sky blue navy blue

  2. Price IDR 199,000

    Swimming Trunks blue yellow

  3. Price IDR 349,000


  4. IDR 199,000
    Price IDR 99,000


  5. Price IDR 79,000

    Swim Shorts - Turquoise blue

  6. IDR 85,000
    Price IDR 79,000

    Swim Shorts - navy blue

  7. Price IDR 299,000


  8. IDR 180,000
    Price IDR 89,000

    MH500 Child's Hiking Shorts - Prune

Kids' Shorts: Versatile and Comfortable for Young Adventurers

Welcome to Decathlon Indonesia's Kids' Shorts category, where we offer a selection of versatile and comfortable shorts for your young adventurers.

  1. Versatile Comfort

    Our kids' shorts are designed to provide versatility and comfort for a wide range of activities. Whether it's for sports, outdoor exploration, or casual wear, our shorts are the ideal choice.

  1. Playful Design

    We understand that kids have a sense of style, too. Our shorts come in various designs and colors, allowing your children to express themselves while staying comfortable.

  1. Quality and Durability

    Kids are always on the move, and we know that their clothing needs to keep up. Our shorts are made to withstand active play and regular wear.

  1. Easy Adventure

    Encourage your young adventurers to explore and play with ease. Our shorts are designed to provide the freedom of movement, making every activity a breeze.

At Decathlon Indonesia, we believe that versatile and comfortable shorts are a must for young adventurers. Explore our Kids' Shorts category to find the perfect shorts for your children, allowing them to move freely and comfortably during all their activities.