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Decathlon sells a wide range of swimming equipment with the best quality. Decathlon Indonesia is a sports store that provides various sports equipment, including swimming gear. Here are some swimming equipment products available at Decathlon Indonesia:

  1. Swimming Goggles: Swimming goggles are one of the most important swimming accessories to protect the eyes from water and sunlight. At Decathlon Indonesia, various swimming goggles are available at affordable prices and good quality.
  1. Swimwear: Swimwear is also an essential swimming gear to protect the body from water and sunlight. Decathlon Indonesia offers a variety of swimwear, from kids to adults. The swimwear from Decathlon Indonesia is made of comfortable and water-resistant materials, making it suitable for swimming activities.
  1. Swimming Accessories: Apart from goggles and swimwear, Decathlon Indonesia also provides other swimming accessories such as swim caps, swim bags, and swim towels.
  1. Swimming Training Equipment: To improve swimming abilities, appropriate swimming training equipment is needed. Decathlon Indonesia offers various training tools such as floats, swimming pool kickboards, and arm floats.

Decathlon Indonesia is the most comprehensive sports store that provides quality swimming equipment at affordable prices. By having the right and quality swimming equipment, you can comfortably and safely enjoy swimming activities. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Decathlon Indonesia stores now and get the best swimming gear for your water sports activities!


Swimming is a sport performed in the water using specific techniques to move. It is an excellent activity for maintaining health as it engages the entire body and improves muscle strength, endurance, and balance. There are various swimming techniques commonly used, such as breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke. Each technique involves different movements and requires specific skills.

Additionally, swimming can be done as a recreational or competitive sport. Competitive swimming is often conducted in the form of races, either in swimming pools or open waters like the sea or lakes. Swimming can also be a fun and refreshing activity, especially during the summer. In such cases, public swimming pools and beaches are popular places for swimming and relaxation.


Here are some tips for selecting the right swimming equipment:

  1. Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles are essential for protecting the eyes from water and sunlight. Choose goggles that fit your face comfortably and are easy to use. Also, ensure that they have UV protection to shield your eyes from sun exposure.
  1. Swim caps: Swim caps serve to protect the hair from water and prevent it from interfering while swimming. Select swim caps made from comfortable materials like silicone or latex and that have a proper size.
  1. Floating devices: Floatation devices can be used to aid buoyancy and improve swimming techniques. Choose floatation devices that match your swimming skill level and are easy to use.
  1. Swimwear: Comfortable and well-fitted swimwear is crucial for facilitating movements while swimming. Opt for swimwear made from high-quality, durable materials and suitable for the type of swimming activity you will be doing.
  1. Fins: Fins or swim fins can help increase speed and strength while swimming. Choose fins that are suitable for your foot size and easy to use.

Decathlon Indonesia offers a wide range of top-quality swimming equipment to support your sports activities. The products at Decathlon Indonesia are designed by Decathlon experts to cater to your needs. Get the best quality products from Decathlon Indonesia at your nearest Decathlon stores.