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  1. Price IDR 1,499,000

    Town 5 XL Adult Scooter - Grey

  2. Price IDR 2,399,000

    Stunt Scooter MF540 - Icons

  3. Price IDR 2,399,000

    Stunt Scooter MF540 - Deer

  4. Price IDR 1,599,000

    Scooter MID9 - White/Purple

  5. Price IDR 1,599,000

    Scooter MID9 - Grey

  6. IDR 1,300,000
    Price IDR 899,000

    Scooter Mid 7 With Stand - Blue/Navy/Orange

  7. Price IDR 1,599,000

    MID9 Scooter - Red

  8. IDR 1,600,000
    Price IDR 999,000

    Mid 9 Scooter - Pink



A scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle equipped with an engine and motor wheels, and it has one or two seats depending on its type. Scooters are generally lighter and easier to ride compared to larger capacity motorcycles.

Tips for choosing a scooter at Decathlon

When choosing a scooter, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Type of scooter: There are several types of scooters available, including classic scooters, sporty scooters, and maxi scooters. Classic scooters usually have an elegant design and are suitable for city use. Sporty scooters have a more aerodynamic design and are suitable for more active use.
  1. Weight and size: Make sure the scooter you choose is suitable for your body size and easy to control. Scooters that are too heavy or too large can make parking or riding difficult.
  1. Safety features: Ensure that the scooter is equipped with safety features such as ABS braking system, bright front and rear lights, and security systems to prevent theft.
  1. Brand: Choose a reputable and proven brand of scooter. Trusted brands usually have a good reputation and offer quality products with the latest features and technology.
  1. Price: Adjust the price of the scooter to your budget. Scooters with higher prices usually come with more advanced features and technology.

Don't forget to always wear a helmet and other safety gear when riding a scooter to reduce the risk of injuries in case of accidents.

Decathlon Indonesia sells a wide range of scooters with the best quality to support your sports activities, such as adult scooters, kids scooters, freestyle scooters, and more. Products at Decathlon Indonesia are designed by Decathlon experts to meet your needs. Get the best quality products from Decathlon Indonesia at the nearest Decathlon stores.