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  1. Price IDR 549,000

    WB120 Beginner Waveboard - Mauve

  2. IDR 1,099,000
    Price IDR 399,000

    Longboard Pintail 520 - Gradient

  3. IDR 1,800,000
    Price IDR 1,299,000

    Longboard Pintail 500 Classic Strip

  4. Price IDR 2,200,000

    Longboard Free 520 Japan

  5. Price IDR 949,000

    Longboard Fish 500 - Black

  6. IDR 2,099,000
    Price IDR 1,499,000

    Longboard Dancing 100 - Forest

  7. Price IDR 1,149,000

    Longboard 100 Drop - Floral



Skateboard and longboard are types of boards used in skating sports, often used for play, recreation, or even competition. Although they serve the same purpose, there are some differences in their design and usage.

A skateboard usually has a length of about 81 cm and a width of about 20 cm, and it is commonly used for skateboarding maneuvers like ollie, kickflip, and grind. Skateboards typically have small, hard wheels and a symmetrical shape.

On the other hand, longboards are usually longer and wider than skateboards, with lengths ranging from about 91 to 122 cm and widths from about 20 to 25 cm. Longboards are used for activities like downhill, cruising, or transportation. Longboards also typically have larger and softer wheels to enhance speed and stability when in use.

When choosing between a skateboard and a longboard, factors to consider include the intended use, skating experience and skills, and personal preferences. Skateboards are more suitable for performing skateboarding tricks and street skating, while longboards are more suitable for cruising and downhill activities.

It's important to remember that skating sports can be dangerous and require adequate skills, experience, and appropriate protection such as helmets, knee pads, hand guards, and elbow pads. Always remember to wear proper protective gear when using a skateboard or longboard.

Types of Skateboard & Longboard

Skateboard and longboard are two different types of skateboards, even though they are both used for skating sports. Below are the differences and types of skateboards and longboards.

  1. Skateboard: Skateboards are usually smaller and lighter than longboards. Skateboard decks typically have lengths ranging from about 28 to 33 inches and widths from about 7 to 9 inches. Skateboards are commonly used for performing tricks and street skating, such as jumping, turning, and spinning. Skateboards consist of several components such as the deck, truck, bearings, and wheels.

    Types of skateboards:

    • Street skateboard: Used for street skating and performing tricks. Usually equipped with small and hard wheels.
    • Cruiser skateboard: Wider and longer than street skateboards. Used for cruising and city rides.
    • Old school skateboard: Larger than street skateboards and has a unique shape. Used for retro skateboarding.
  1. Longboard: Longboards are usually longer and heavier than skateboards. Longboard decks have lengths ranging from about 36 to 59 inches and widths from about 8 to 10 inches. Longboards are used for cruising and downhill activities, which involve high-speed downhill skating. Longboards consist of several components such as the deck, truck, bearings, and wheels.

    Types of longboards:

    • Cruising longboard: Used for cruising and city rides. Usually equipped with larger and softer wheels than skateboards.
    • Downhill longboard: Used for high-speed downhill skating. Usually equipped with large and hard wheels for better stability and control.
    • Dancing longboard: Used for performing tricks and dancing maneuvers on the board. Usually longer and wider than cruising longboards.
    • Freestyle longboard: Used for performing tricks on longboards. Usually shorter and wider than downhill longboards.

These are the types of skateboards and longboards that can be chosen according to your needs and preferred style of skating. Enjoy your skating activities with the right board!


Here are some things to consider when choosing a skateboard or longboard for beginners:

  1. Size: Make sure to choose a skateboard or longboard that suits your body size. A skateboard that is too big or too small can cause discomfort when used and affect your performance. If you are tall and big, choose a larger and wider skateboard or longboard.
  1. Wheel type: Choose wheels that suit your intended use. If you want to use a skateboard or longboard for cruising, choose larger and softer wheels to enhance speed and stability. If you want to use it for tricks, choose smaller and harder wheels for better control.
  1. Material: Ensure the skateboard or longboard is made of high-quality and durable materials. Quality materials can affect the comfort, performance, and durability of the board.
  1. Shape: Choose a shape that suits your intended use. Skateboards with different shapes are usually used for different types of skateboarding sports. Longboards have various shapes used for cruising, downhill, freeride, or carving.
  1. Brand: Choose a reliable and reputable brand. A trusted brand usually has a good reputation and offers quality products with the latest features and technology.
  1. Consult with an expert: If you are still unsure about choosing a skateboard or longboard, consult with a skating expert or a store that provides these products to get proper advice and recommendations.

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