NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs
  • NH100 Mid country walking socks - beige x 2 pairs

NH100 Country Walking Socks Mid X 2 Pairs -

Made for : Our hiking designers have developed these socks to be worn on 2 hour long hikes in flat terrain, forests or along the coast, in warm weather.
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User comfort

Designed with 73% cotton. Comfortable loop fabric under the foot. Flat seam

Anatomic design

Designed with 3% elastane: the socks adapt to your foot and stay up

Quick drying

Designed with 23% polyester to enable faster drying

Ease of use

Tighter around the ankle: prevents the entry of stones, twigs, etc.


Reinforced areas at the front and back of the foot


Pack of 2 pairs

This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks of identical colours.

The shoe/sock combination plays an important role.

Blisters have many causes during walks: rubbing, a fold in the socks, damp, shoes that are a size too small or too big... We therefore recommend you choose the correct shoe size and the sock fabric that is adapted to your walking shoes.

How to choose the size of your hiking socks?

You must choose the sock size that fits your foot to avoid additional folds: either because the socks are too big and there is too much fabric around your foot or because the socks are too small and it is drawn down into the shoe. We use elastane's properties so that our socks fit your feet well and stay in place. It is important to try your socks on before going hiking.

How to choose the fabric of your hiking shoes?

You need to manage damp as best you can when walking: you will sweat, it is often inevitable. If your shoe is breathable, it will wick away the damp from your perspiration: you need to choose light and breathable socks also If your shoe is waterproof, to protect yourself from the dampness of rain and you will not make the same choice: you should prefer socks that will absorb your perspiration and then wick it away from your foot.

How to choose the height of your socks

In this model, we offer 2 sock heights. The "Mid": they protect your ankle bones and stop just above them: they are worn with low shoes. The "High": they are ideal for mid-height hiking shoes as they stop just below the calf and protect your ankle from the shoe.

Which pair of socks is adapted to NH100 mid socks?

They are ideal with NH100 or NH150 shoes: Indeed, NH100 mid socks contain cotton that absorb damp and they have loop fabric underneath to wick damp away from your foot. Finally, they are high enough to protect your ankle from the shoe. It is an excellent combination to limit the appearance of blisters.


Our hiking socks are guaranteed 2 years. Our commitment? Bring you durable products that you can wear on all your country walks. Because the products that we love the most are those that have lived the most adventures and will continue to live them!


Do not bleach
Do not dry-clean
Do not iron
Machine wash - 40° max - normal
Tumble dry - low heat



All our socks are tested in a laboratory and in the field to check the following elements: toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, accelerated aging and resistance to repeated washing. At the foot of the Mont Blanc, in France, our design team imagines, draws and designs Quechua socks. We hit as many footpaths as possible, in all weathers, with other hikers, to check their comfort and durability