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  • Microfibre Hair Towel - Blue
Microfibre Hair Towel - Blue

Microfibre Hair Towel - Blue

414 pcs sold
IDR 65,000
  • Microfibre Hair Towel - Blue
Microfibre Hair Towel - Blue
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Our design teams developed this hair towel for swimmers and all other athletes who want to dry themselves effectively.

This hair towel is super soft, perfect for gently drying your hair after a swim or the shower. It's highly absorbent and dries quickly. And it wraps around your hair with a button to keep it in place.

Main fabric: 10.0% Polyamide, 90.0% Polyester



The long fibres of this towel are soft against the skin while drying off


Highly absorbent for effective drying

Quick drying

Soft microfibre towel that dries quickly after use.

Easy maintenance

Machine washable. Does not tear. Resistant to repeated washing.


Practical advice

If you dry your towel out in the open, once dry, the fibres of the towel may seem "crushed" and less soft.
If this is the case, do not hesitate to rub them lightly, they will return to their normal appearance.