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  • Kit de remplacement tuyau pour poche à eau - MT500
Kit de remplacement tuyau pour poche à eau - MT500

Kit de remplacement tuyau pour poche eau - MT500

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  • Kit de remplacement tuyau pour poche à eau - MT500
Kit de remplacement tuyau pour poche à eau - MT500
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Our trekking designers created this kit to replace the mouthpiece and tube of Decathlon water bladders.

Stay hydrated while hiking with our replacement kit for your water bladder bite valve and tube. A simple on/off mouthpiece means you’ll get to enjoy every sip as you push to the summit.

Air chamber: 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane; Teat: 100.0% Silicone; On/Off system: 100.0% Polypropylene; Valve connector: 100.0% Polyethylene



Replacing the tube and mouthpiece in your Decathlon water bag.


Compatible with water bladders from Forclaz, B'twin and Evadict


Directions for use

Use water at temperatures between -20°C and +40°C. Do not use: alcohol, fats (dairy products, oils...). Par températures en dessous de 0°C, souffler dans la tétine après utilisation pour chasser l'eau et réduire les risques de gel dans le tuyau et la tétine.


Mouthpiece with an on / off position (turn the grey part of the teat) to prevent untimely water loss during your outings. To drink you need to place the mouthpiece in the “on” position then suck, pulling on the mouthpiece with the mouth.

Care tips

Nettoyer la poche et la tétine après chaque utilisation, avec un liquide vaisselle classique. You can use B-TWIN brush + drying hanger kit (code: 631585) particularly if you've had a sugary drink. Do not leave drink in water bladder for longer than 24 hours. Do not put in the dishwasher or microwave.

First use

Rinse the entire product 3 times with clear water before using for the first time.

Materials and regulations

Our products and materials meet the food contact standards in force. They do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) in accordance with the French regulations in force.

Weight and dimensions

Sizes: Ø 0.6 cm x 100 cm
Weight: 44 g