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Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear
  • Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear
Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear



Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear

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  • Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear
Kids' Yoga Mat 5 mm - Blue Bear
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Our yogis designed this mat so your child can learn about the benefits of yoga and access calm and concentration.

Want to do yoga with your child? Guided by the poses of an animal printed on our mat, your child can relax in a class (studio or school) or at home.


Ease of learning

The animal helps the child completely relax.

User comfort

A soft, warm fabric.
5 mm of cushioning to insulate from the ground.

Easy transport

The strap keeps the mat rolled up. Easy to store and carry.


Size and weight

This mat is 150 cm long, 60 cm wide and 5 mm thick. It weighs 650 g.

Why use an animal to guide your child?

Yoga poses come from observation of nature and animals: children love it!
A clumsy bear or a crazy chihuahua, there's no competition and no perfect pose. Your child will accept themselves on the mat and gradually learn the values of respect and tolerance.

Our product design process

From beginners to yoga instructors, every member of our team shares this same passion.
Whether we do gentle yoga or have a more dynamic practice, we're all seeking balance. With our network of yogi ambassadors, we (e)co-design products to meet your needs and mindset. We are committed to making your yoga practice a positive, generous and eco-friendly experience.