2 pairs of medium length adult F500 hiking socks in pink



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Pengurangan harga! 2 pairs of medium length adult F500 hiking socks in pink

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Made for multi-day trekking in the mountains. For regular use.
These hiking socks protect your feet and bring you more comfort during your one-day or multi-day hikes in the mountains. Sold per pack of 2 pairs of the same colour.
Sizes guide

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Fitting comfortLoop under the foot, on the shin and the Achilles tendon.
Moisture managementKnitted part on the instep and under the foot: to evacuate sweat.
Reduced chafingSpecific fibres to reduce friction in the heel and toe.
Anatomic design100% elastane structure, adaptable to all foot shapes.
Abrasion resistanceMulti-strand polyamide fibre provides increased durability.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Restricted risk of irritation
In the heel and the tip of the toes, the component is twisted polyamide with a second polyamide yarn coated with PTFE which reduces the rubbing that causes blisters. In any case, these socks can’t protect you entirely against blisters. Blisters generally appear when the skin is weakened by rubbing, caused by socks, shoes or other items. Humidity also plays an important role as it weakens our skin.
Properties of the yarn
The heel and toe of the sock are made from friction free polyamide to reduce rubbing. The rest of the sock is made from a fast drying polyamide to reduce the feeling of having sweaty feet. Specific loop areas are made thicker for greater comfort. Well ventilated knit zones to wick away seat.
Choose the correct length of socks
We offer 3 lengths of socks for hiking. The “short” version is just visible in the shoe but gets to just under your ankles. The “medium” version comes to just over your ankles. These 2 types are ideal for low shoes. The "high" ones are perfect for hiking shoes, stopping just below the calf.
Choose the right size of hiking sock
Our socks are available in 4 different shoe sizes (35/38, 39/42,43/46, 47,50). The elastane present in all our socks prevents the socks from moving or slipping off your feet and allows the sock to fit any shape of foot. We are all of the different feet, the length, proportion and volume: make sure you try the hiking socks on in the shop before you buy. Also try out your socks before wearing them on a long hike
Pack of 2 pairs
This model is sold in packs of 2 pairs of socks of the same colour.
Information / Concept / Technology
Socks : 96.0% Polyamide (PA), Socks : 4.0% Elastane

Product test
All of our socks are tested in the laboratory and in real-life situations to validate the following elements: Toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion-resistance, accelerated ageing and resistance to repeated washing. Users then validate the our socks in the valley of Mont Blanc.

Stockage tips
Store the entirely dry socks in a dry and dark place.
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