FORCLAZ 50 EASYFIT JUNIOR Backpack Red, the backpack with automatic adjustments!



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Made for Children aged from 11 to 14 wanting a few days hiking or camping. An easyfit system ensures a good fit
a backpack for hiking or several days camping, thanks to its volume. Its easy fit adjustment system allows a one touch adjustment of the straps and back.

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Capacity51 litre Volume /1400g weight/size of the filled bag: h67*l 28 *d26
Carrying comfortBack and straps adapted for children. Chest strap. Easy-fit system
VentilationConvoluted foam in the back to allow for the circulation of air
Multiple compartmentsPockets: 1 int, 3 ext, Pole holders. Front net. Bottom of the bag access
Abrasion resistance10-year warranty
Warranty10 Years
Technical Information

Our backpacks are tested in use by a cross-section of users for whom the products are designed, in conditions similar to those you can find when using. In particular, "Missions Tests" bring together the product manager to people unaffiliated to QUECHUA to test, develop and validate the products.
We have completed laboratory tests for the components: fabric, buckles, straps, padding, zips... An example of the cloth: abrasion resistance, tear strength, colour retention UV, washing, etc... A test on finished product that replicates in accelerated stress of the bag over the years to control the strength of the joints: we hung it, filled with weights on a dummy which imitates the movements fast-walking hiker.
10-year warranty, technical partnership
The research service and heavy garment development service, Quechua partner for research and validation of components and assemblies, has conducted tests simulating the aging of backpacks. These tests focused on the components, the seams and the finished product. Their results allow Quechua to ensure the bags tested for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase indicated on the receipt.
"10-year warranty, terms
The warranty covers defects in the backpack, excluding those resulting normal wear and tear and abnormal operating conditions. This special 10-year warranty will be granted only on presentation of the product and its receipt, if the product is under warranty it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This commercial warranty does not exclude the legal guarantees applicable according to the country and/or states.
How is the volume of the bags measured?
"The volume of each backpack is measured according to a standardised method: We used small balls to fill the main compartment as well as each pocket. Then we emptied the balls into a measured container, which gave us an equivalent volume in litres, with a tolerance of several %. The weight when empty indicates that of our reference weight. There may be slight variations
How do I adjust my bag?
FIRST, LOOSEN all straps (shoulder straps, support straps). PUT ON THE BAG. For bags of 50 l or more, CONNECT THE WAIST STRAPS (it must go around the iliac bones of the pelvis) and TIGHTEN IT.. For smaller bags, it must just be attached around the waist. TIGHTEN THE SHOULDER STRAPS. Finally, adjust the back straps for your comfort.
How to adjust the height of my bag?
Position the strap to the supposed height and then modify the bag (see. “”How do I adjust my bag?””). With the belt on the pelvis, the shoulder straps should cover the front of your shoulders, and back straps (also sometimes height adjustable) drawing a 45 ° angle (they must not come undone horizontally or vertically). When tried, if the backstraps are too short or long, readjust and retry until you are satisfied.
“The Easyfit system
It is possible to adjust your bag whilst being worn, in one motion, in an intuitive way in the best way for your shape: All this allowing for maximum comfort.
"How do I adjust my Forclaz EasyFit bag?
FIRST, LOOSEN all straps (shoulder straps, support straps). PUT ON THE BAG. CONNECT THE WAIST STRAPS (it must go around the iliac bones of the pelvis) and TIGHTEN IT. Then PULL THE Easyfit STRAPS, the strap block will go around your shoulders. Finally, adjust the back straps for your comfort.
"Tests carried out by us for Research and Development on the effectiveness of EasyFit system
Ease of concept: Actual time of adjustment, 2.3 times shorter with an Easyfit bag And number of return to default = 0 for the Easyfit bag. Do not change the setting quality compared to any conventional adjustable bag: The EasyFit comfort is preferred in a significant way in 4% of the Friedmann statistics, and 6 times better recognised settings.
“How do I pack my bag?
Place in the back of the sleeping material. At the back of the bag, place heavy materials (tent, heating equipment, food). Clothes should be packed around. The ground mat should be placed under the flap, and the tent under the bag if there is nowhere for it on the inside. Keep in a waterproof and fleece jacket. You should fill the pockets with “small” items for the day (sunscreen, map, glasses…). Your water pocket will be placed in a compartment, generally alongside your back.
Environmental measures
Decathlon with Quechua have chosen to inform you about the environmental impact of hiking backpacks products throughout their life cycle. This work follows an experiment conducted since July 2011 with the French Ministry of Ecology. The scores ABCDE were given in comparison to only the Quechua backpacks. The details on this project and its method of calculation are available on:
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)

Stockage tips
Store your bag in a dry place.

Maintenance tips
In order for the fabrics to retain all their properties (especially waterproofing), it is recommended not to wash backpacks in a washing machine, to not use a tumble-dryer, to dry clean or to bleach. Do not iron. In order to clean your bag by hand, it is advisable to use warm soapy water with possible help of a brush. After a few years of use, you can treat the fabrics with a "waterproofing" spray.
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