Case 100 Soft Microfibre Case For Sunglasses - Pink



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Made for protecting glasses from scratches and cleaning the lenses without damaging them. Soft microfibre pouch.
Thanks to its microfibre material, the CASE 100 SOFT protects your lenses from scratches and cleans them gently to avoid damaging them. Close the case with the lanyard for better protection

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Abrasion resistanceMicrofibre material: limits scratching to your glasses.
Easy maintenanceMicrofibre cloth: helps cleaning your sunglasses easily and effectively.
Warranty2 Years
Information / Concept / Technology
Product test
All cases and optical accessories are tested in the real-life use conditions for which they were designed. The design teams, product managers, engineers, and stylists make sure that the program for which the product was designed and developed is in full accordance with its use in real-life conditions.
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