120L Diving Travel Bag - Grey



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Made for SCUBA divers looking for a multi-purpose bag for club diving and travel.
This 120L diving bag is easy to transport, thanks to its wheels. It contains a removable waterproof pocket to separate your dry clothes from your wet equipment.

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CapacityThis diving bag on wheels has a capacity of 120 litres (weight): 4.2 kg).
FlexibilityThis bag can be carried on the back. The 30L pocket protects your dry clothes.
WaterproofThe detachable pockets keep the water in and isolate your wet equipment.
Abrasion resistanceReinforced shell, zips with locks and protective bars.
PocketsOutside wallet pockets.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

The main 90-litre compartment (photo 3) can transport all of your scuba diving or spear fishing equipment (bag fits most free diving fins). When travelling, open the zip to gain access to a second 30-litre compartment (photo 4). You can put your town clothes in this compartment, which separates them from your diving equipment. This avoids any odours of neoprene.
Air transport requirements in terms of weight are increasingly strict: for example, 15kg on a flight to the Red Sea. This is the reason why this diving bag is designed to be as light as possible.
Removable waterproof pocket
The pocket made of fabric is used to store wet belongings after diving (wetsuit, vest, etc.). The absence of any seams makes the pocket perfectly watertight. A feature that protects the bottom of the bag and your car boot. However, depending in the initial quantity of water inside, a small quantity may pass through the fabric and slightly dampen the bottom of the diving bag.
Bag dimensions
The width of the bag is designed to be easily carried on the underground (fits through the turnstiles) or onto a train (fits the width of the train car aisle).
Wallet pocket
This pocket can be easily accessed. Its width is designed so that you can comfortably put your hand inside. In addition to your wallet, you can also keep your keys on the ring in this pocket. A handy accessory that prevents belongings from being lost. You can also put your travel documents in this pocket. The pocket is deep enough to contain a train or plane ticket.
Water bottle pocket
Because it's very important to stay hydrated while diving, a specific front pocket has been designed on the main bag and backpack. You can always have a water bottle at hand!
900 denier
Higher fabric density than the rest of the bag. Increased resistance to abrasion at the bottom of the bag, which is the part exposed to the most friction.
Lockable zip fasteners
The zip fastener tabs can be locked with a padlock to make your diving bag secure.
Manufactured by an industry leader (YKK), the zip fasteners on this bag are treated against rust. But regular use is the best precaution against jamming. When a bag is exposed to marine spray and then remains unused for a lengthy period, the zips tend to jam, irrespective of their quality.
VolumeMore than 80L
Information / Concept / Technology
Outside Shell - Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place away from light. Dimensions 120L: 33 x 42 x 90 cm.

Maintenance tips
Regularly clean zips with clean water to remove salt.


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