Universal Derailleur Cable




RP 50,000

Universal Derailleur Cable

Made for replacing the derailleur cables on your bike (mountain bike, road or hybrid).
A universal rust-proof derailleur cable to replace your derailleur cables.

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CompatibilityCompatible with all brands, including road and mountain bikes.
Ease of usePre-stretched stainless steel 1.1 mm diameter and 2.27 m in length.Length: 2.27m
Warranty2 Years
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Steel

Maintenance tips
To prolong the life of this product, we recommend you clean and lubricate the cables on a regular basis. Do not clean with high-pressure water jets.


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Include cable end cap
For personal cycle maintenance nobody wants to keep extra spares/components. For inner cables and outer plastic housing end camp and ferrule should be included as kit item.
Also for Indian market the price is high.
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