All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml
  • All In One 100ml

All In One 100ml

Made for : Our engineer, a passionate road cyclist, developed this spray for loosening, cleaning, lubricating and removing moisture from your drivetrain
All In One 100ml
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Corrosion resistance

Protects against rust. Unjams chains and helps loosen bolts and screws

Ease of use

Uniform spray thanks to the aerosol and precise nozzle.

Noise level

Reduces noise by 1.9 dB.

Smooth pedalling

Semi-fluid texture. Reduces friction by 1.8W




A single product for maintaining your bike, roller skates, fishing rods, etc.

Easy maintenance

Disperses moisture, lubricates, cleans, etc.

Water repellent

Leaves a protective film that drives away moisture & limits the amount of dirt.


High penetrating power

Penetrates and releases jammed parts.

Clean your bike frame

Make your bike or any object look like new.

Tip from the pros

Avoid contact with brake shoes, pads and the braking surface of your rims. In case of contact, degrease.

Lubricates cables

All-In-One has an extremely low viscosity, allowing it to seep through the hose tip to lubricate the cable.


Also suitable for use on your sports equipment (bike, roller skates, reels, golf grips, etc.) and for everyday items (locks, padlocks, bolts, metallic parts, cars, etc.).

Provides long-lasting protection for your bike

Regular application prevents rust developing.

Optimises the performance of your bike

Eases movement of the brake callipers and all drivetrain components.



Tested and approved by our professional cycling team U 19 RACING TEAM. All In One has been tested on all types of surfaces and is compatible with plastics, metals and composite materials. However, if in doubt, we advise a patch test.