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NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
  • NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
  • NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
  • NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
  • NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
  • NH500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt - Khaki
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Nh500 Men's Country Walking T-shirt -

Designed in the French Alps, check out our NH500 T-shirt to wear on two-hour hikes in the lowlands, forest or on the coast in dry weather.
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Odour control

High cotton contents (74%) to limit odours.

Quick drying

Polyester backing of the t-shirt weave: quick transfer of damp.


74% organic cotton and 26% recycled polyester.

Freedom of movement

Comfortable fit, stretch fabric and soft cotton to reduce odours.


The softness of cotton in direct contact with your skin.


Weight of the T-shirt in size L: 200 g.



We began using organic cotton in 2006, a restricted market that only includes 0.4% of the worldwide cotton production. The cotton is grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides. It protects biodiversity, soil fertility and reduces the risk of groundwater pollution.

WHAT IS recycled polyester?

We care about our planet to preserve our natural playground and contribute to the pleasure of hiking. That is why we have chosen to use polyester thread made from recycled polyester fibre and limit our CO2 impact.

A score to compare the environmental impact of the products

On a scale of A to E, this product scores an A. Our products' environmental impact is calculated over their entire life cycle. Each product is scored to enable you to identify those with the better environmental impact by comparing it to other products in the same family (T-shirt, trousers, rucksack). For more information, a video is available here: Web:


Our hiking T-shirts are guaranteed for 2 years. Our commitment? To provide long-lasting products that you can use for all your country walks. Because the products we love the most are those that have a story to tell and will have more to tell in the future!

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Find out what they mean! Achiy: enjoyment | Ananaw: beautiful | Inti: sun | Puriy: go, walk, travel | Ryi: go, walk, travel | Sallqa pacha: nature | Samay: breathe, get fresh air, take a break.