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1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
1L Hydration Bladder



1L Hydration Bladder

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IDR 190,000
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
  • 1L Hydration Bladder
1L Hydration Bladder
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Our team has designed this 1-litre water bladder so you can drink easily during mountain bike rides lasting around 2 hours.

Slip it into your hydration backpack, and off you go! It has a wide opening so that it's easy to fill and quick to clean. The bite valve is at a 45° angle so that it's easy to put in your mouth.



1L volume so you can mountain bike for around 2 hours without needing to top up.

Easy maintenance

Easy to fill and clean thanks to the sliding system.

Ease of use

The mouthpiece has an on/off switch so that it won't drip.

Mouth comfort

Accessible silicone mouthpiece that's comfortable to use when you're on the go.

Puncture resistance

This new water bladder has been lab tested for flexibility and robustness.




This 1L water bladder is compatible with the following hydration backpacks:
ST 500 mountain biking hydration backpack (ref. 8300156 )
EXPL 7L mountain biking hydration backpack (ref. 8644841, 8644842, 8644843, 8644844, 8644845)
XC LIGHT mountain biking hydration backpack (ref. 8528735)


With its 1-litre capacity, your water bladder will last you around 2 hours of riding.
It's quick to fill thanks to its wide opening. When closing it, make sure the slider clips into place to ensure that it won't leak.

Adjustable tube and valve for increased comfort.

You can cut the water bladder's tube to the most convenient length for you!
To do this, remove the bite valve, place the tube in hot water to soften it, cut it to the desired length and put the bite valve back on.

The bite valve is lockable (rotates 180°) to prevent leaks when not in use. It won't drip, even when in the open position. To get a good flow when drinking, gently bite the valve and suck.


The materials used to make this water bladder are guaranteed to be free of BPA (bisphenol A) in accordance with current French regulations.

It measures 31 x 16 cm, with a 100 cm tube.

To make your water bladder last longer, we recommend not folding it, not filling it with hot liquids and not carrying it upside down or by its tube ;)

How to remove the air and why

To improve water flow and stop the water sloshing around inside the bladder during your ride, we recommend releasing any air before you set off!

Just turn the hydration bladder upside down once filled, direct the air bubbles towards the tube opening and suck them out. And hey presto, you can now drink quickly and quietly as you ride!

How to clean your water bladder

To avoid a plastic taste when drinking, we advise you to rinse the product 3 times before first use. We recommend cleaning it after every ride using the cleaning kit (product ref. 5935596).
After cleaning, leave the hydration bladder upside down and open to dry thoroughly.

If the plastic taste won't go away, place the dry hydration bladder in the freezer for one night.

Tested, approved and made in France!

To check this water bladder's quality, we've tested it thoroughly in our in-house lab.
Besides spotting no defects during our burst / high pressure tests, we noted an increase in puncture resistance of more than 74%.The water bladder is made in France, which means we can closely monitor production quality (for watertightness and sturdiness over time).

Extending the product's lifespan

Remember to take a look at our water bladders support page to make your water bladder last longer.