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  • Tacky Overgrip - Black
Tacky Overgrip - Black

Tacky Overgrip - Black

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  • Tacky Overgrip - Black
Tacky Overgrip - Black
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The Kuikma Adherence, an overgrip that provides an extraordinary grip as well as a very comfortable feel. Feel every sensation during play.

Its 100% polyurethane composition and resin layer optimise comfort (high-quality feel) and increase grip. Pack of 3.

Shaft: 100.0% Polyurethane



The resin layer adds extra grip to your overgrip.

User comfort

Made from 100% polyurethane for added comfort.


Padel overgrip features

Every racket has an original grip which, among other things, prevents the hand from sliding when the ball impacts the racket on strikes. But often, the original grip isn't enough. So the overgrip is an adhesive tape located around the grip that is already present on the handle. The tape has an adhesive side and a grippy textured side to give style to your racket as well as your game, preserving the sensation of all your volleys.

Advantages of using an overgrip

The most significant advantages of an overgrip are: protection (protecting the original grip and handle to increase your racket's robustness). Grip (keeping your hand fully in contact during strikes). Moisture absorption (with little holes located on the outside to provide better absorption of perspiration from your hands). Handle adaptation (thicken the handle of your racket if you've chosen a small size).

An easy method for choosing the right padel grip size

The most common method for determining grip size is to keep a space of around 0.5 cm between the middle finger and the base of the thumb when holding the racket in your hand. To check the size, place your index finger in the space. If there is still space, then your handle is very small. On the other hand, if it doesn't fit, then you'll need to choose a larger grip.



Shaft: 100.0% Polyurethane


Test product

Our research centre is based in Spain and is specialised in design and engineering. Its role is to identify users' needs and feed them back to our design centre in France. The prototypes are tested on padel courts by users who represent that particular need. Their robustness is then tested in the lab at our design centre. These tests mean that we can thoroughly check the quality of our products.


2 Years