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Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black
  • Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black
Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black



Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black

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IDR 115,000
  • Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black
Flat Mountain Bike Pedals 520 Grip - Black
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Our 520 flat pedals are made from resin and designed for adults doing sport mountain biking.

Enjoy increased stability and control with no extra weight, thanks to these flat resin pedals' width and molded studs.

Bottle body: 100.0% Polypropylene; Carcass: 100.0% Stainless Steel; Screws: 100.0% Steel



The moulded resin studs provide good grip.


Large underfoot surface for stability and control.


Weight: 350 g the pair



These pedals have a 9/16" standard thread that is compatible with all adult mountain, hybrid, city and road bikes on the market.
Our 520 grip pedals are compatible with universal cleats ref. 8486938


To mount the pedals, you'll need a 15 mm spanner or a 6 mm Allen key.
Make sure you screw each pedal on the right way: clockwise for the right, and anticlockwise for the left.


Dimensions of the flat part (excluding reflectors):
Length: 92mm
Width: 98 mm
Thickness (including the moulded studs): 26 mm

Instructions for use

Avoid pushing through your heel or arch as you pedal as this can lead to pain and fatigue over time.
In the interests of comfort and for efficient pedalling, your foot should be positioned such that the ball of your foot is just above the pedal's spindle.If you need help getting the right position, cleats can help.


There's nothing more visible at night that a moving, lit-up object.
With reflectors on the front and back, our 520 flat mountain bike pedals help make you even more visible to other road users.

Because they are made from resin, the 520 mountain bike pedals are less likely to injure your shins and calves if the pedal spins back unexpectedly.


Axle: Steel Body: PP resin
Bearing: sliding bearings