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  • KARO red
  • KARO red
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KARO red

KARO red

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IDR 250,000
  • KARO red
  • KARO red
  • KARO red
KARO red
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For indoor or cliff climbers looking for a lightweight and compact belay device.

Groove to help the belayer keep the climber locked in if they want to take a rest mid-climb. Make sure you keep your hands on the rope. This is not an auto-locking device.

Main fabric: 10.0% Polyamide, 90.0% Steel


Ease of use

Side groove to help hold the rope while the climber rests.

Brake control

V-shaped groove enables assisted braking when climber is descending.

Easy dressing

Easy to feed rope thanks to markings on the side of the Karo.


Ultra-light product: 40 g (the lightest on the market)



Total weight

40 g.

Usable rope diameters

from 8.9 mm to 11 mm


Product in line with the standard UIAA 129