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  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
  • Weight Training Bar 28 mm 2 m
  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
Leather Weight Training Belt - Black

Leather Weight Training Belt - Black

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IDR 349,000
  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
  • Weight Training Bar 28 mm 2 m
  • Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
Leather Weight Training Belt - Black
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Want to maximise your workouts with heavy weights while reducing your risk of injury? It's possible, with the stiff leather design of this weight training belt.

Easy to adjust with its hooks, this belt is wider at the back for better support. Your lower back will thank you during deadlifts, squats, etc.

Filling: 100.0% Leather; Lining: 100.0% Leather - Buffalo; Main fabric: 70.0% Polyurethane, 30.0% Polyester


Muscle support

Wide at the back for increased lumbar support.


Multiple prong holes for a better fit.


Leather belt. Perfect for exercises with heavy weights


Leather weight training belt description

Leather weight training belt dimensions:
- Back: 60 x 150 mm

Size correspondence:
- M / L = 78 to 88 cm
- XL / 2XL = 88 to 105 cm
- 3XL / 4XL = 105 to 125 cm

Weight training belt with a tapered cut (thinner at the abdomen)

How does a leather weight training belt work?

This leather weight training belt offers additional support and helps increase abdominal pressure when lifting a heavy bar (over 80% of your max rep). This pressure helps create a protective "sleeve" by holding the spine in the correct position.

In addition, by pressing against the belt, the abs and lower back can remain engaged throughout the exercise, which reduces the risk of frequent low back injuries.

What exercises is this leather weight training belt best suited for?

With this weight training belt, you can do exercises such as:
- squats: front squat, overhead squat, classic squats...
- deadlifts: classic and/or sumo,
- rowing,
- military press,
- shoulder / lifts,
- snatch,
- and all movements where you might want better back support.

How to put on a weight training belt

To put on the weight training belt:
- attach it over your hips, tightening it moderately.
- choose the tightest fitting notch that allows you to breathe normally.

For advanced users looking for better support, pull your belly in slightly to move to a tighter notch. This will increase abdominal pressure.

If you have trouble breathing by puffing out your chest, that means the belt is too tight. In that case, loosen it by a notch.

Careful not to wear it all the time

Don't forget to loosen the belt after each set of exercises, and don't wear it continuously, as it can increase your blood pressure.

Use it for exercises requiring heavy weights.

Put it on after warming up, when you are starting to lift more substantial weights.

Maximise your performance with accessories

To maximise your grip during deadlifts, combine our leather weight training belt with our tightening straps (ref. 8642608).

You can also add our knee pads (ref. 8548500) to provide a source of warmth to your joints and reduce the risk of injury.

Did you know? Why choose a weight training belt with a tapered cut?

A tapered cut is characterised by a greater width at the back, and a thinner width at the abdomen. This provides you with greater freedom of movement at the torso and prevents limiting your upper body movements during your exercises.

So it's more comfortable to wear during your workouts.