500 Pilates Stretching Balance Board



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Made for helping you improve your balance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries (ankles, knees).
Do you want to stimulate your proprioception? This balance board uses 70% of your lower body muscles. Our physiotherapist recommends this accessory for people who already do sport.


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Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Proprioception is your ability to perceive where your body is in space, whether consciously or not. It uses numerous receptors that tell your brain what position your various body parts are in. It affects your balance and reflexes. By doing regular exercise, you will improve your proprioception, gain mobility and reduce the risk of injury.
What exercises can you do with your balance board?
Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right? Take a look at the domyos.com website. Our design team and qualified sports coaches have developed a coaching service to guide you. There are a dozen free videos with exercises you can do with your balance board.
Why should I work on balance?
The ability to control your balance and agility is just as important as having a muscular body. It can be essential for intense physical activities such as skiing. In general, for athletes, good balance helps to work more efficiently by reducing the risk of injury and optimising your exercises. Controlling your balance can also prevent falls and sprains and help with stability.
Diameter: 39.5cm Height: 7.5 cm.
Weight:1.25 kg.

Product Dimensions:39.5 x 7.5 cm.
Information / Concept / Technology
Outcover : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP) Chassis : 100.0% Wood - Hard
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