NH100 High country walking socks - grey x 2 pairs



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Worn with mid-height country walking shoes, these socks provide maximum comfort on your countryside rambles. Sold in packs of 2 pairs of the same colour.
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User comfortMade with 73% cottonComfort from the reverse terry-knit under the foot.Flat seam
Anatomic designDesigned with 3% elastane: the sock fits to your foot and stays in place
Quick dryingDesigned with 23% polyester for faster drying
Abrasion resistanceReinforced areas at the front and back of the foot
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Pack of 2 pairs
This model is sold in a pack of 2 pairs of socks of identical colours.
The shoe/sock combination has an important role.
Many different factors cause blisters during hikes: rubbing, a crease in the sock, moisture, a shoe size that is too small or too big, etc. It is therefore important choose the right size and to have socks made of the right material for your hiking shoes.
How do you choose the size of your hiking socks
You need to choose the right sock size for your foot to avoid any additional creasing: either because the sock is too big and therefore there is too much fabric around your foot, or because the sock is too small and is pulled towards the inside of the shoe. We take advantage of elastane's excellent qualities so that our socks fit well to your foot and stay in place. It is important that you try your socks out before you go hiking.
How do you choose the fabric of your hiking socks
Moisture must be effectively managed when hiking: We sweat, it’s bound to happen. If your boot is breathable, it will eliminate the moisture of your perspiration: so you also have to choose a light and breathable sock If your shoe is largely waterproof, to protect you from the humidity of the rain, you will not make the same selection: it is preferable to buy socks that will absorb perspiration, to keep the moisture as far away as possible from your foot.
Choose your sock length with care
On this model, we offer 2 heights of socks. "Mid": they protect your ankle bones, stopping just above them: they are worn with low-top shoes. "High": they are ideal for mid-height hiking shoes, as they stop just below the calf and protect your ankle well from the shoe.
Which shoes are adapted to the NH100 high socks?
They are ideal with the NH100 mid or NH150 mid shoes: the NH100 high socks actually contain moisture-absorbing cotton and have a reverse terry-knit construction under the sock that wicks moisture away from your foot. Finally they are high enough to protect your ankle from the shoe. It is an excellent combination to reduce the chance of blisters.
Our hiking socks come with a 2-year guarantee. Our commitment? To offer you long-lasting products that you can use on all your country walks. Because the products we love the most are those that have had great experiences and still have lots of life in them!
Information / Concept / Technology
Socks : 73.0% Cotton, Socks : 23.0% Polyester (PES), Socks : 3.0% Elasthane, Socks : 1.0% Polyamide

Product test
All our socks are tested in the lab and in the field to ensure the following: toxicology, UV resistance, resistance to wear, accelerated ageing and resistance to repeated washing. It is in France, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, that our design team imagined, thought up and designed the Quechua products. We walk on as many footpaths as possible, in all weathers, with other hikers, to be certain of their comfort and resistance

Stockage tips
Store in a dark, dry place.
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