Forclaz 50 Women's Mountain Hiking Fleece - Red-Orange

Made for : We designed this fleece to protect you from the cold during your occasional walks in the mountains. A small price while still being feminine.
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Warm, soft microfleece, brushed inside and out. High collar


Polyester knit: lets through water vapour generated by the body (RET=7.08)


Just 236 g in size M. 200 g/sqm density microfleece


Made from 100% recycled polyester thread, reducing the environmental impact.


1/2 zip opening; easy to put on and helps with ventilation when pushing hard

Compact design

Very compressible material. Microfleece ideal at the bottom of your backpack

Easy maintenance

Crease-proof. Machine washable. Quick drying


Fleece component: Insulation provided by the air trapped inside

The fleece component is designed to trap air thanks to the volume created by its texture; this air acts as a natural insulator, keeping the body warm. The brushing of the knit fabric is what traps the air.

100% eco-designed microfleece

Over a year, for the Forclaz 50 women’s fleece, this is the equivalent of: 10 million plastic (1 litre) recycled bottles 621 tons less waste for the planet 43% water saved* 58% energy saved* 54% less CO2 emissions for the planet* This is where the added value of recycled polyester comes from. *Compared to older non-recycled thread models

2-year durability warranty

We test the ageing of our hiking fleeces to ensure their durability. We guarantee: - resistance to abrasion from a backpack and moving arms, to delay the appearance of pilling which is specific to this material - the strength of the seams - the resistance of the fleece material after 3 washes (dimensional stability) - colour-fastness after washing, under UV or in contact with perspiration.



We perform 2 types of thermal tests: - a test of the material of our fleeces. - or on a thermal mannequin in a thermal chamber. Here, we reproduce the conditions of temperature, wind (5km/h) and humidity that you encounter in the mountains when walking at 5km/h. These tests are used to validate our design choices. And we adapt the thermal insulation where you need it most.