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Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars
  • Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars
Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars



Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars

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  • Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars
Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge SCD 300 bars
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Our Subea dive engineers designed this accurate, easy-to-read pressure gauge to help you keep track of how much air is left in your tank.

Diving pressure gauge for tank pressures up to 300 bars. Compatible with high pressure systems.


Easy reading

Dial with luminescent background, 300 bar graduation, highlighting below 50 bars


Explosion-proof, shock-proof.



Technical features

300-bar pressure gauge with stainless one-piece chrome-plated brass housing, explosion-proof, shock-proof. Copper-beryllium sensitive spiral element. Hose with an outer diameter of 55 mm. Male screw thread. 7/16'' HP. Weight: 260 grams. Highlighting of the red zone between 50 bar and 0 bar for greater clarity and safety. Extra ring on the side to attach the pressure gauge and keep it within reach thanks to the safety strap.

Tips on assembly

To not overtighten the first stage. Overtightening can damage the first stage, usually made of chrome-plated brass (a soft alloy). The O-ring on the hose is used for watertightening purposes. Use a silicone grease to lubricate the seals and increase their lifespan.

Servicing the regulators

SUBEA advises you to service your regulator every two years and to make a visual inspection at least once a year. These two inspections must be made in a SUBEA certified workshop.
A service is also recommended after a particularly intensive season (more than 100 dives), or after a long period of inactivity.

Please visit our website.

Storage instructions

It is important to store all diving equipment well clear of sources that produce ozone (electric motors, cookers, etc.) and to protect it against UV rays. If this is not the case, the seals can deteriorate more quickly, affecting your safety or the working order of the regulator. Keep your equipment in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.