Try before you buy!

Policy of Trial Product

  1. 1. Product testing is open to all Decathlon Indonesia Member. Sign up for free membership at
  2. 2. Choose products that you want to try at our store, terms and conditions apply
  3. 3. Product test is permitted for 7 days. You will need to present a valid ID before the start of the product test.
  4. 4. Users have to pay 70% price of the product and will be refunded when the product returned.
  5. 5. We will process the test product in our system and we will provide you with a slip which you need to present when you return the product
  6. 6. Domicile only in Jakarta and Tangerang.
  7. 7. Sign a ‘promise’ letter (if the product is broken or lost, user have the responsibility to e.g: pay for the broken product /lost product)
  8. 8. Write a review in after test the product.

If any problem still persist, please contact us

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