Decathlon was first founded by Michel Leclercq in Lille, France in 1976. He owns the 40% of decathlon group. Michel Leclercq is also the cousin of Gérard Mulliez, the founder of the Auchan supermarket chain.

Decathlon started to expand abroad to Germany in 1986, Spain in 1992, Italy in 1998, Portugal, UK, 1999, China 2003, India 2009, Hongkong 2013, Malaysia 2016, Southeast Asia in 2012, South Africa, Philippines in 2017, Indonesia in 2017 and Australia in 2018.

The first year of 1976

It was the first store of decathlon that start operating in 27 July. as the megastore that provides goods for sports passion, Decathlon strives to have a good reputation.

In 1996

Decathlon launch its first brand called “Passion Brand” and they are Tribord & Quechua. Nowadays Decathlon have more than 25 of passion sport collections which are design and produced by our own brands.

In 2005

We design our new innovation called “2 second tent” a tent for hike. In 2013 we made new innovation for water sport called “EasyBreath”, a snorkling mask that designed to make users feels like breathing in the air.

Late 2015

Decathlon made collaborations to local company to produce goods to export in French

In 2017

It’s the year when Decathlon starts operating in Indonesia. Our first Project is “From Indonesia to Indonesia” who has an objective to make 50% of our products that we sell are made from Indonesia

(Copywrites: Okta Pasaribu)

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