Who is Decathlon Indonesia?



 The Decathlon project in Indonesia will be to open several “omnicommerce” stores in 35 sport enthusiast cities and to cover all Indonesian islands. To produce  for export and our local market, from “made in Indonesia”, local production.


If you want to become a player, we have a disposal our Indonesia page Linkedin :

We are at the image of the country, diverse. Indonesian diversity is our strength at work and enhances our personal development (Curious, open minded and generous).

Safety is in our DNA : wherever we are, whoever I am, I think safety first and act upon it. Our products, our stores and services. Decathlon Indonesia respects the safety frame.

In Decathlon Indonesia want to build a large family : whoever works exclusively for us is a part of our family. We share the same value, we consider them as us and have fun at work.

  • The goal will be 95% happy to come to work including the partners who will work with us.
  • In Decathlon Indonesia 100% team member with a clear territory of responsibility and decision.
  • We recruit personality through our Website : vital, responsible, humble.
  • Decathlon Indonesia encourage the local and International Zig-Zag career path to keep our long term motivation for the project.
  • We are proud of our passion product and the company encourage us to be ambassador (store team, factory workers wear our passion brand).
  • We build a collaborative project : We recruit the most enthusiastic not obviously the best. We get inspired from the best, take feedback regularly to challenge ourselves.


If you want to follow the actuallity about decathlon Indonesia, you can follow by Facebook :

Decathlon is a family, we treat our users like our guest : We know them and welcome them with smile and friendliness (100% happy with their omnichannel experience).

Happy or happy, get your product wherever you are on the 17 000 islands ! Choose your way to be delivered.

Our generous playground creates an experience and a difference in our store.

We believe in our passion brands and contribute to improve them. They have an unbeatable value for money.

We propose the maximum of sport physically or not, based on our amateur users and needs, all sports available.

At Decathlon store we engage gather the local sport community. With our external partners, we give the opportunity to practice and discover sport every day, for the many.

Our ecological footprint and impact is in our daily action and act to minimize it (natural light, self produced electricity, responsible production)

“Inch by inch"