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500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
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500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
  • 500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow
Tax included

500 Bodyboard Fins with Leash - Black Yellow

Designed for intermediate bodyboarders in waves up to 1.5m.
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Symmetrical blade: good propulsion and smaller size.

Water drainage

Wide holes at the front to drain away water and sand.

Fitting comfort

Soft foot pocket with dual-density natural rubber. Neoprene leash at the heel.


Side ribs to hold the fins in the wave.


Slightly positive buoyancy. Let you kick underwater and visible if you lose them


At RADBUG, we design products for 4 levels: Novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

- Novices: Up to the navel, no fins, small waves < 50 cm, propulsion by pushing your feet on the ground and riding the wave to the shore. For a 1st wave-riding experience (bodyboard with grips).- Beginner: Gentle turns in waves up to 1 m, propulsion with fins. A must for learning to bodyboard.- Intermediate: Waves up to 1.50 m, more speed and the beginning of tricks (360 °, El Rollo, etc.).- Advanced: All types of waves, command of tricks, even aerial: ARS, 360°, tube...

These fins are designed for intermediate bodyboarders and provide the ideal comfort-to-propulsion ratio.

Comfort is provided by the softer material used in the foot pocket, as well as the leash's neoprene cushion at the heel.
Propulsion is provided by the stiffness and the surface of the blade: stiffer material and side ribs.
The symmetrical shape allows a good balance between kicking power and fin size.
For extra comfort, add neoprene socks.

Choose the right size of fins.

Always try on the fins before buying them. Your foot should be supported without being compressed. The back strap should be in contact with your heel and your toes should not be bent.
If you add neoprene socks for comfort and/or warmth, you will need to go up half a size. Consider trying the fins on with and without socks at the time of purchase.
Using or not using a fin leash will also require you to go up or down half a size.

Fin leash.

The leashes supplied with the fins help prevent you from losing them during the session. To put them on, first put your foot in the leash and then in the fin, before tightening the fastener.
The fin may come off during the session, but it will remain attached to your foot by the leash. You will then be able to put it back on.


A fin should be heavy enough to prevent it from touching the surface when you are kicking. As such, we designed a fin with slightly positive buoyancy so that it rises to the surface if you lose it, whilst still being able to keep it underwater without much effort when kicking.

Hold in the wave.

To ride down the line of the wave on a bodyboard and not swerve off to the side, you can use fins to help you. The side ribs will help you to stick to the face of the wave better and hold your line.
Asymmetric fins (e.g. RIP fins) can accentuate this phenomenon and require good bodyboarding skills since, with the thrust of the fin not being symmetrical, it results in additional twisting forces in the knees. It is therefore reserved for advanced riders.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 1.

Bodyboarding is a fantastic sport, but one that requires everyone to respect certain basic rules to preserve the safety and enjoyment of all.
1- Ask about and observe the characteristics of the spot: current, rocks, tides, the size of the waves and the crowds, etc.
2- Don’t overestimate your level, and go for an easier spot if your skills aren’t on par with the conditions.
3- Use suitable equipment: Leash, fins and board in good condition, suitable wetsuit.

Safety and behaviour rules for the water - Part 2.

4- Respect the rules of right of way on the waves: Right of way goes to the person closest to the peak.
5- Follow the direction of the wave when moving towards the peak to keep from cutting another boarder off.
6- Use fins if the water is above your hips.
7- If you’re not using fins, it’s recommended you keep to a supervised area. Lifeguards can tell you where these are.
8- Bodyboard in a group.

Also suitable for bodysurfing.

Although these fins are primarily designed for bodyboarding, they are also recommended for bodysurfing (with our Hand plane 100 for example). Its symmetrical blade and its comfort-to-propulsion ratio explain why it is popular with many bodysurfers, who surf waves with their bodies with the help of fins and boards (also known as hand planes).


RADBUG is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
Our ambition is to enable the greatest number to enjoy the incredible sensations you feel when bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
This sensation of gliding when in contact with the wave is pure, exhilarating and addictive.
We have set ourselves the mission of enabling everyone to get started and make progress by offering products that are easy to use and innovative.