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Optimize Your Runs with Performance-Focused Bottoms

Embark on a journey of comfort and performance with our Running Bottoms collection at Decathlon Indonesia. Designed to cater to the needs of every runner, our range includes running pants, shorts, tights, and leggings to ensure you stay comfortable and focused on your run.

  1. Running Pants: Versatile Comfort for Various Runs

    Experience versatile comfort with our Running Pants collection. Whether you prefer a relaxed fit or a snug feel, our pants are crafted with breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs to provide optimum comfort for various running scenarios.

  1. Running Shorts: Stay Cool and Agile on the Track

    Stay cool and agile with our Running Shorts, perfect for those who prefer a lighter option. Engineered for breathability and freedom of movement, our shorts are ideal for both casual jogs and intense sprints.

  1. Running Tights & Leggings: Supportive and Stylish Performance

    Discover the perfect blend of support and style with our Running Tights & Leggings. Designed to enhance muscle support and provide a flattering fit, our tights and leggings offer a sleek and stylish look for your runs.

Why Choose Decathlon for Your Running Bottoms?
Decathlon Indonesia is your trusted destination for running bottoms that prioritize both comfort and performance. Our Running Bottoms collection is meticulously tested to ensure durability and functionality, allowing you to run with confidence and style. Elevate your running experience with Decathlon and feel the difference with every stride!