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Handball is a team sport played using a medium-sized ball and is usually played indoors. This sport is played by two teams, each consisting of seven players, including one goalkeeper.

The objective of the game is to score goals by putting the ball into the opponent's goal using the hands or arms. Players can move while holding the ball for five seconds or take three steps, after which they must release or pass the ball to a teammate. Players are also not allowed to engage in dangerous physical contact or block the movement of the opponent players.

Handball is a sport that requires speed, strength, tactical intelligence, and technical skills. It can help improve physical health, such as increasing endurance and muscle strength, as well as enhancing social skills and teamwork among players.

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Handball is a quite popular sport in Indonesia. To play Handball, you need some essential equipment. At Decathlon Indonesia, you can find various Handball equipment that suits your needs. Here are some tips for choosing Handball equipment at Decathlon Indonesia.

  1. Handball Ball: Choose a Handball ball that complies with the standard size and is comfortable to use. At Decathlon Indonesia, various Handball balls are available at affordable prices and good quality.
  1. Sports Shoes: Make sure you choose the right sports shoes that fit your foot size. At Decathlon Indonesia, various sports shoes are available with good quality and affordable prices.
  1. Sports Apparel: Choose comfortable sports apparel that fits your body size. At Decathlon Indonesia, various sports apparel with different sizes and attractive color options are available.
  1. Hand Protection: Hand protection is essential to safeguard your hands from injuries while playing Handball. At Decathlon Indonesia, various hand protections with good quality and affordable prices are available.
  1. Other Accessories: In addition to the above equipment, you can also find other accessories such as sports bags, socks, and more at Decathlon Indonesia.

When choosing Handball equipment at Decathlon Indonesia, make sure you select equipment that suits your needs and has good quality. Also, pay attention to the size of the equipment you choose to ensure comfort while playing. Lastly, ensure that the equipment you choose is also affordable.

By choosing the right Handball equipment, you will feel more comfortable and be able to maximize your performance on the field.