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Aquafit is an aerobic sport performed in the water, such as in swimming pools or the sea. This sport involves movements similar to aerobic exercises performed on land, such as jogging, jumping jacks, and sit-ups, but with lower intensity due to being in the water.

The main advantage of aquafit is its low-impact effect, making it suitable for people with injuries or joint problems. Additionally, water provides greater resistance to body movements, helping to burn calories and strengthen muscles.

To do aquafit, you only need a sufficiently deep swimming pool or the sea and wear swimwear or special aquafit costumes. You can also use aids such as balls or resistance bands to add variation to your movements. Decathlon Indonesia sells a wide range of top-quality aquafit equipment to support your sports activities. The products at Decathlon Indonesia are designed by Decathlon experts to cater to your needs. Get the best quality products from Decathlon Indonesia at your nearest Decathlon stores.

By regularly engaging in aquafit, you can improve cardiovascular and lung health, burn calories, and enhance muscle strength and flexibility.

Tips for Choosing Aquafit Equipment

Aquafit, or water aerobics, is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. To comfortably and safely do aquafit, appropriate and quality equipment is required. Here are some tips for choosing the right aquafit equipment:

  1. Choose Comfortable Swimwear: Comfortable and properly fitting swimwear is essential for smooth and comfortable aquafit exercises. Make sure the chosen swimwear is made of water-resistant material and does not stretch or slip easily while moving in the water. Choose swimwear with a suitable and comfortable design when in use.
  1. Use Aqua Shoes: Aqua shoes are essential for protecting your feet from sharp or slippery objects at the bottom of the swimming pool. Besides, aqua shoes provide good grip on the pool floor, making it easier and safer to move in the water.
  1. Use Floating Devices and Swimming Aids: Floatation devices and swimming aids are very helpful for performing proper and effective aquafit movements. Floatation devices can help improve body posture and enhance muscle strength. Swimming aids like fins, pull buoys, and paddles can strengthen muscles and improve swimming techniques.
  1. Use Sports Aids: Not only swimming aids, but sports aids like water dumbbells and water balls can also be used during aquafit sessions. These sports aids can help develop muscle strength and increase the intensity of the workout. Ensure that the chosen sports aids are safe and comfortable when used in the water.
  1. Use Additional Accessories: Besides the main aquafit equipment, some additional accessories like swim caps, swimming goggles, and float bracelets can also aid in conducting aquafit sessions. Swim caps and swimming goggles are useful for protecting hair and eyes from water and sunlight. Float bracelets can be used to add workout intensity and help strengthen muscles.

When choosing aquafit equipment, ensure it suits your needs and comfort while exercising in the water. Select aquafit equipment of high quality and safe for use in the water. By choosing the right aquafit equipment, you can do aquafit exercises comfortably, safely, and effectively.

Things to Prepare Before Doing Aquafit

Aquafit is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. Before starting an aquafit session, some preparations are necessary to exercise comfortably, safely, and effectively. Here are some things to prepare before doing aquafit:

  1. Choose the Right Swimming Pool: Choosing a suitable and safe swimming pool is crucial for aquafit exercises. Ensure the chosen swimming pool has the right depth and size according to your abilities and needs. Additionally, make sure the swimming pool is clean, clear, and well-maintained to avoid possible infections or diseases.
  1. Choose Appropriate Swimwear: The right swimwear can affect your comfort and performance during aquafit exercises. Choose comfortable swimwear, the right size, and made of water-resistant material. Additionally, use a pair of aqua shoes or water shoes to protect your feet from sharp or slippery objects at the pool's bottom.
  1. Prepare Your Aquafit Equipment: Aquafit equipment like floatation devices, swimming goggles, swim caps, and others can help enhance the effectiveness and intensity of the workout. Make sure the aquafit equipment you use is safe and of high quality for comfortable and effective use.
  1. Pay Attention to Your Physical Condition: Before doing aquafit, pay attention to your physical condition. Make sure you are in good enough physical condition to perform water exercises like aquafit. If you have specific health conditions or are in the process of recovery, consult with a doctor or sports instructor first.
  1. Pay Attention to Proper Swimming Techniques and Aquafit Movements: Proper swimming techniques and aquafit movements are crucial when doing this sport. Make sure you understand the correct swimming techniques and proper aquafit movements before starting your workout. If needed, seek guidance from an experienced aquafit instructor for proper technique advice.
  1. Maintain Body Balance: Body balance is essential during aquafit exercises. Avoid rushing movements and always maintain body balance to prevent injuries or accidents.

In preparing yourself before doing aquafit, ensure you choose the right swimming pool, pay attention to your physical condition, and prepare the necessary aquafit equipment. Additionally, it is essential to focus on proper swimming techniques and aquafit movements and maintain body balance to avoid injuries and accidents while exercising. By paying attention to these aspects, you can enjoy the benefits of aquafit safely and effectively.